Chapter: 43 Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Nathan's POV

I am walking into the wood... I am trying to find my way out, but I don't remember how I have reached here. It is dark, I can only make out of the outlines of the things around me, as the only light source is the moon. I look around trying to figure how to get out of here, but I find myself going deeper into the jungle. 

I run my hand through my hair in frustration, feeling lost in this thick dense jungle.

"How the hell I landed up here," I groan in annoyance.

Narrowing my eyes I try to adjust my vision in the dark, my eyes land on something lying on the ground.

Taking quick strides I walk in its direction, only to discover a female body lying face down on the ground in the pool of her own blood. Whoever she may be, she is as good as dead with the amount of blood seeping from her body. Squatting beside her, I turn the body to take a good look at her face. 

Blood drains from my body, as my breathing stops when I notice the girl is none other than Abigail. Her body lying cold and dead in my arms.

I wake up with a jolt, my breathing is harsh while my heart is beating rapidly in my chest. I wipe the beads of sweat from my forehead. My eyes quickly move to the bed, my heart floods with relief when I find Abigail sleeping there and her heart beating in a rhythmic form. 

I lean forward and put my head in my hands, trying to erase the images of the nightmare. Everything felt so real, that even now I can feel the chills running down my spine. Taking a deep breath I walk towards the window and gaze outside. The night sky is filled with dark clouds which occasionally brighten up when flashes of lightning pierce through them. The constant pelting of raindrops against the window and the beeping of machines are the only sound in this silent room.

One month and 17 days have passed, but she hasn't wake up from the coma. For the past last month I have been constantly by her side, much to Nicolas dismay. I am doing as much work as I can from here while Dad is handling both of the companies in my absence. I don't give a damn about anything else, as Abigail is my priority.

She is showing signs of improvement, her face is getting back its color and her scars are also fading, fifteen days back she has been put off the ventilator and that was the best day for all of us in the past month. Still, there is looming fear in my heart and I can't shake off that feeling. Especially, after my nightmare, the restlessness is churning me from inside. 

A sudden need to be near her overwhelms me, she is the peace which my heart needs. I go to her bed and lie down beside her, there are fewer wires and tubes now, so it is easy to sit on her small hospital bed without disturbing anything. I slightly pick up her head from the pillow and slip my arm under, making her head rest on my arm. I turn to my side facing her as I gently wrap my other arm around her. 

It feels like ages have been passed since the first time I have held her like this. The only difference is that at that time she needed the comfort and this time I am the one who is seeking comfort. The comfort which only she can provide. 

I clearly remember it was the same night when we went to the club. The same night when I felt something for her for the first time. Her room door was ajar, I went to shut it thinking she must have forgotten when I heard whimpering from inside. I peeked inside the room to make sure she is fine, as she was terrified of that night events, I couldn't stop myself from entering the room when I saw her weeping in her sleep. I don't know what to do, so without thinking about anything I got into her bed and pulled her in my arms. I was afraid if she would wake up, she might think I had some kind of wrong intentions with her. She lightly stirred in her sleep and soon her crying subsided, as she snuggled more into my arms. Unintentionally, I pulled her closer to me while my hold on her tightened, as she peacefully slept all night in my arms. But in the morning I slipped out of her bed before she could wake up so that things don't become awkward between us, the least I know the same day I would end up kissing her.

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