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Two years later

Nathan Moron Knight!

I am running late for work and that too because of this stupid. He again silenced my alarm... no, let me correct it my alarms. I have hidden one alarm under my bedside table, but I don't know how he found out that one also.

Well, now he already left for the office leaving me asleep. After marriage, I have again started to work with him, along with working for Prescott Enterprises. But since my husband threw a huge fit on me not working with him in his office or in his words 'our office', so I handle both works from Knight's Corporation. He also helps me to handle the work, so there is not as such work pressure.

 "Abigail, you go inside I will bring the bag," Mark opens my door as we reached the office.

"Thanks, Mark," I smile at him as I step outside the car.

Whenever Nathan goes to the office without taking me, he leaves Mark to drive me to the office. So that I do not have to take the car and we both can drive back together after work.

I step inside the elevators and press the top floor button as I stand leaning against the elevator mirror.

My earlier anger on Nathan dissipating as the elevator slowly reaching to my desired floor. All the anger is gone until I reached the top floor.

He is a moron, but I love that moron a little too much.

I walk towards his office so that I will let him know that I have reached despite his efforts. I raise my hand to knock at his door, but when my hand makes contact with the door, it slightly opens. I open it little more to see him discussing something with his marketing head. Not wanting to disturb him, I quietly back out. But Nathan's alarm goes off, immediately grabbing Nathan's attention.

Nathan's eyes snap up to me, as I give him a small apologetic smile. In return, Nathan gives me his stunning smile, which I can never get enough of seeing. And before my eyes, he turns from Mr.Nathan Knight to my Nathan, as he walks around his table and makes his way towards me.

Stepping outside his office he closes the door.

"Hey, beautiful," he wraps his arm around my waist and gives me a kiss.

"Hey," I lightly laugh as my cheeks heat up.

Every time... every time when he kisses me I can not stop the blush forming on my cheeks. And he really enjoys seeing my flustered state, true to his words.

Nathan's alarm silences as soon as Nathan takes him from me. Now he turns from my Nathan to Noel's Dad.

A very hot dad, I must say.

"Hi," Nathan lovingly smiles at Noel, as he looks at him with big round tear-filled eyes in fascination.

Noel is a beautiful addition to our family and even before his birth, he became center of our lives. This two months old baby boy has wrapped everyone around his little finger, especially his mommy and daddy.

Overused stuff does work.

"May I know why did you silence my alarms, this morning again?" I gently caress Noel's hand, when he stretches his tiny chubby hand towards me.

"You were up, almost the whole night," Nathan lightly kisses Noel's head making him smile, "Because Noel's was fuzzy. So I wanted you to sleep in late."

"He was not fuzzy, he just needed his mommy," I smile when I see Noel looking back and forth between Nathan and me, "He just wanted to be my little mister."

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