Chapter: 44 I Have Changed

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Nathan's POV

" I don't know whether to be grateful or jealous of my own flesh and blood," Hannah's lips stretch widely in a  grin and happy tears floating in her eyes," I bawled my eyes out for her entire month and she didn't even twitch a single muscle and this 9 pounds little human cried and she wakes up from the coma," she laughs and lovingly kiss her sleeping daughter's head.

"I am not surprised though," Adam laughs," whenever she cries she brings the whole house down, it is like she transforms from a cute little kitten to a roaring lioness," he looks at his wife and daughter with an adoring expression.

"Are you okay?"Adam turns to me, as we are waiting outside the room while doctors are running some tests on her, and places his hand on my arm, "You look bit worried?"

"I don't know," I sigh and shake my head," I am happy that she is out of the coma finally, but I am scared," I confess to him.

In the past month, we have become close friends and surprisingly things have improved between me and her family too. Hannah and Natalie both, still, don't leave any chance to insult me. But there is no harshness and bitterness in those taunts, like earlier.

"Scared, why?" he frowns in puzzlement.

"What if she doesn't remember me?" I admit my biggest fear to him.

The warmth in her eyes which I used to feel every time our gaze connected, even if it was for a minute, was completely missing. This is something which is scaring me, despite how I behaved her eyes always used to hold some kind of emotions. Now, there is nothing... they were just blank.  

"I can assure you she definitely remembers you because she has a memory of an elephant," Natalie pipes in, "and moreover, it is nearly next to impossible for her to forget the biggest jerk of her life," she raises her eyebrows and nods.

"You are not helping him," Adam rolls his eyes at her.

"I never intend to," she says in an indifferent tone and shrugs her shoulders. She goes and sits beside Hannah.

Nicolas and Beth rush towards us, their faces beaming with happiness. This is the first time I have seen Nicolas so happy, it is a strange sight for me. 

"Why the hell they are taking so long?" Nicolas grunts, as he paces in front of the door," I want to meet my daughter."

He looks extremely impatient to meet her like he has been waiting here for hours, even though it is just been few minutes since he has arrived

"You are not the only one, who is eager to meet her," Beth shakes her head at him, "Have some patience."

A few moments later doctors come out, some of them leave, but Dr.Brown approaches us.

We all look at him in anticipation, but my heart is hammering against my chest for a different reason.

"Well, there is nothing to worry about," He gives us a reassuring smile," Everything is fine, she is suffering from light pain and breathing issue, which is normal."

"She was a bit taken aback when we informed her that she was in the coma for a month, other than that she took in everything well about her injuries and accident," he informs, "Keep in mind that her body is tired so she needs rest, but for now she is awake and you can meet her."

Thank God, she hasn't lost her memory, but why there was a strange look in her eyes. Maybe I am thinking into this too much, she has just woken up, obviously, she must be shocked.

Nicolas is the first one to rush into the room as soon as the doctor left, Beth trails him after. I wait for everyone to get inside as there is a swirling storm of emotions inside me. I have waited for this moment for so long, but finally, when this moment has arrived I don't know why I am so nervous. Taking a deep breath I step into the room.

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