Chapter 8: Nathan's house, not my home.

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" I can't believe this is the first time I'll see Nathan's house." I mummer to myself, as I put his address in my car's GPS.

Is it funny that I am least intimated by the fact I am going to live in Tartarus? Actually, I am looking forward to what Nathan has planned for me. For the past three years he had just ignored me and now he is taking interest to make my life miserable as if it is not already. I believe my life became miserable the moment I got married to him. 

After 15 minutes drive, I reached his apartment building and I am not surprised he owns a penthouse, how unusual? Note the sarcasm. What's with a penthouse and a rich guy?  

I entered the elevator carrying my backpack and suitcase and press the top floor on the panel. Soon I reached the top floor and I drag my suitcase towards his apartment after getting out of the elevator.

I rang the bell and wait for someone to answer the door.I hope Richard informed Nathan about my arrival, I don't want to walk into something awkward.

I was about to ring the bell again when somebody opened the door.

"Hello, Abigail.." Miles happily says, as he quickly gives me a side hug. 

I never expected Miles to answer the door, maybe he also lives here. I wish that's true, although I have met him hardly two or three times, he seems nice and friendly.

"Hey!" I smile.

He comes forward to grab my bag and suitcase, he asks me to follow him inside and carried my stuff inside ignoring all my protest.

First thing, as I walk in, I notice the house was light and airy. The theme of the house is white and black, as much I saw the white color is prominent. The interior of the house is modern and contemporary, however, it lacks the homely feeling. 

Miles puts my luggage down and turns to me, "Oh! sorry, I forgot to say one thing," I look at him questioningly.

He grabs my shoulders, I slightly flinch but he didn't notice, and gives me a warm smile, " Welcome home Abigail..." 

This took me by surprise, I never expected someone to welcome me here. Even if it's Miles who welcomed me, his words warm my heart. 

"I appreciate Miles that you are trying to make me feel welcomed, but this is Nathan's house, not my home. " I give him a small but genuine smile, "I am sure you know the reality of this relation."  

He slowly nods his head, " I just want you to know that I am not only Nathan's friend, but I am your friend too."

Miles removes his hand from my shoulder and steps back, as we hear footsteps approaching us.

"Am I interrupting something?" Nathan smirk, his eyes flickering between me and Miles.

Miles shakes his head exasperatingly, while I stare at him with a straight face. Honestly, my blood is boiling and my hand is twitching to slap him across his face. 

"Never thought you'd agree to move in with me so quickly, desperate much? huh?" 

"Yeah! You have no idea." I say sarcastically. Yes, I am extremely desperate to finish all of this.

"Women are always desperate to be with me," He takes a small step towards me," I never knew you also want me."

"They must be, but I never want used things," I smirk. I could clearly sense his anger as he clenches his jaws. 

Miles also feels it, so before Nathan could say anything else, he quickly says," Abigail you should settle down, come I will show you your room." He once glances at Nathan, who gives a small nod.

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