Chapter:39 This Is It

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"They are going to take you away from me..." Ben paces in room frantically and repeats again and again. 

"But you are mine," he shakes his head and pulls his hair with both hands.

Rip all your hair from your head you bastard!

Abruptly, he stops pacing and looks at me and in a  quick stride, he is in front of me.

"You know I love you, right?" he touches my face, making me scrunch up my face in disgust as I turn away from him," and I will do everything to not to let you go with them. They can't take you away from me."

My heart drops in my stomach, the person in front of me is crazy he can do anything. I am just praying he does not hurt anyone.

"Don't worry, you will always be just mine," he smiles creepily, "no one's, but mine."

I can't believe I thought he was a good and kind-hearted person. He is anything but good, there is a demented glint in his eyes, which makes my blood run cold.

The burning sensation, in my wrists, intensifies as he harshly pulls the ropes to untie my hands. I grit my teeth together to not to scream when the rope roughly rubs against my raw skin. After agonizing moments he frees my hand, then he moves to untie my legs. 

I look at my wrists, as the skin where the rope was tied is ripped and now it is slightly bleeding. Ignoring the pain, I notice my legs are now also free and Ben is still sitting in front of me.

Without thinking for a moment, I hold his head and kneed him hard on his face. Satisfying crunching sound echoes in the room. He clutches his bleeding nose and drops to the ground, his eyes widened in shock. Adrenaline pumping wildly through my veins. I have heard when your life is at risk there are two ways, flight or fight and I chose to fight. I am not the one who is going to let him go.

Quickly getting on my feet I kick him, with my full strength, in his stomach. I sway on my feet as I feel dizziness. Shaking my head I try to get rid of dizziness and when he reaches for my leg I slam my foot on his hand, making him scream in pain.

I can hear voices from the outside, but I don't know whether they have figured I am here or not.  I am not going to wait for anybody to rescue, because I can't let go the chance of escaping.

Ben is still groaning in pain, I take this as an opportunity as with shaky legs I try to make my way towards the door. But he grabs my wrist and stops me, loud scream escapes my lips when he tightly holds my injured wrist.

"I am sorry, princess," he yanks me to him and hugs me tightly," I know you are angry with me for keeping you here, you deserve to be kept in a palace, but I didn't have any choice. I am so so sorry."

This bloody lunatic thinks I am angry because he kept me here!

I put my hands on his chest and try to push him away from me, but he is clearly stronger than me. After all my struggle, he just slightly leans away, not once releasing his vice-like grip on me. I look up to see his face, blood dripping from his nose and his teeth are also bloodied, as he smiles at me.

"I always wanted to keep you this close to me," he tightens his grips," to hold you tightly in my arms."

"But I know, it will not be possible to keep you with me. They will separate us and you will go back to Nathan," his expression morphs into a sad one," and I can't kill you, because I love you so much."

Every time he says he loves me I want to throw up, as my gut twists in disgust.

"But what if something happens, like an accident and you die?" he darkly chuckles," that way you will always remain mine and I don't even have to kill you."

"You are crazy, Ben!" My eyes snap to him in shock.

"Yes, I am crazy for you," he says pleasingly," only for you and about you."

"You are going to accidentally fall from here," he drags me towards the window," and die."

Before I can do anything, he harshly pushes me, my whole body slams hard against the window and glass instantly crashes at the impact, splinters of glass cut my arms as I try to shield my face. 

A loud ear piercing scream reaches my ears, as I am overthrown from the window. Wind harshly slaps my face as I am falling freely to the ground. 

This is it... this is how my life is going to end.

I close my eyes as I have accepted my fate. The next moment my body lands on some hard object, completely knocking the breath out of me, and something crashes beneath me. My body slightly jumps from the hard impact and again I tumble to the ground. 

Excruciating pain hits my body and there is not a single part of me, which is not screaming in pain. Something thick and warm runs from the side of my face as my vision starts to get blur.

Heavy footsteps reach me and somebody pulls me up, but everything around me is slowly fading out. Someone is shaking me and screaming something, however, I can't make it what he is saying, his voice sounds wounded. 

My eyes get closed and everything... every voice goes into the background. My breathing starts to get slow as my heartbeats are also getting weaker with each passing moment. 

When you are about to die all your life flashes in front of you. Snippets of memories go through my head. Faces of everyone quickly passes through my closed eyes...Mom, Dad, Hannah, Natalie, Adam, kids, and finally...Nathan. 

Darkness starts to consume me, slowly pain is fading away. This darkness is comforting as I am feeling some kind of warmth washes over me taking away all the pain which I am experiencing, physically and emotionally both. I know what this darkness is, it is my death which is reaching out to me. I can feel my heart is giving up, just like I have given up. I am so tired of everything...I am tired of my life, now I just want my eyes to remain closed forever. 

Every voice around me silences as now the only thing which I can hear is my own fading heartbeat. Few more moments, then everything is going to be over. Soon I will be free from this life. I am feeling at peace, which I have never felt in a long time, I hope this peace is eternal. I am not going to let this peace go, even if this peace is in the arms of death.

Maybe I should be grateful to Ben because of him I will be, at last, released from this painful life. I will be somewhere, where I will not be in pain anymore. 

Have I given up easily? No, I fought...I fought hard. But now there is no power left in me to fight anymore. Especially, when finally I have experienced the tranquility, I do not want to feel anything else.

A time comes in your life when you realize all you want is peace, more than anything else. That moment has arrived in my life. And at this point, I am ready to let go everything else just to stay in this calm state.

My chest rises only to fall for the last time, as my body takes its final breath. Now, darkness completely consumes me. I gladly let myself go into the arms of death, as it embraces me in its warmth. At last, I am resting in peace. 

The sun, of my life, sets only to never rise again.


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