Chapter:45 We Aim To Please

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When I wake up this morning I find three red roses near my hand. I don't remember someone coming inside, but I don't even remember anything much after Nathan left, because the rest of the day I pretty much spend sleeping. 

I vaguely remember Mom and Dad leaving at night, other than that I slept like the dead. However, today I am feeling much better as compared to yesterday. Holding the roses near my nose, I inhale the sweet fragrance of them. 

Who has put them here? Please don't be some creepy lover, I am tired of getting drugged and kidnapped. 

I think to throw them away, but when I glance at them I just couldn't bring my heart to throw them. So, I put them in the glass, on the side table, and filled it with water. 

I lie down in the bed again as I stare at the ceiling. I don't even notice when some tears slipped down my eyes when the memory of everything comes rushing back to me. My heart picks up speed when I recall the feeling of helplessness and the pain that came with it. I bite my lip stop thinking about physical pain which I endure when he threw me. 

When I say I don't feel anything, it is not completely true, because I do feel... the feeling of rope biting my skin, the way glass pierced through my skin when it broke. The pain of bones being cracked inside me... the burning sensation which filled my lungs when I was not able to breathe. I feel everything, the only difference is that whatever I am feeling is the physical pain which I have gone through. 

The door opens, thankfully bringing me back from those horrendous memories, nurse smiles when she finds me awake but then frowns.

"How are you, dear?" she asks in concern," Are you in pain? Why are you crying?"

"I am feeling better," I smile to ease her concern, and wipe my eyes," I was staring at the ceiling for long, maybe that's my eyes watered. Nothing to worry about."

"Dosage of your painkillers have been reduced, so you may feel pain. If it is unbearable, then push the call button someone will come to administer some painkillers to you," she gives me a warm friendly smile. Instantly, I find myself liking her.

After taking my medicines, I suddenly remember about the roses, so I thought to ask her.

"I found these roses on my bed this morning, do you know who brought them?" I look at the roses, then back to her.

"I am sorry, I don't know," she shakes her head, "maybe someone from your family."

"Yeah, maybe," I shrug. 

I don't bother telling her, that instead of my family it is highly possible that they are from some psychotic lover. 

"Can I take a shower?" I ask her, as I touch my hair," Maybe change into some of my own clothes? I am not very much fond of these hospital gowns," I frown.

"Yes sure, I will help you with the shower," she says, making me slightly cringe as when I asked for a shower I mean to take it alone not with some audience. Even though I know she is just being helpful, but still, it is something which I am not entirely comfortable with.

"But first, I will go and ask someone from your family to bring some comfortable clothes for you," she says and goes outside.

In the meantime, I try to sit on the bed without some support. I wince when pain shoots up in my body, especially my right side. Suddenly, the idea of taking her help with the shower doesn't sound as bad as it seemed before.

After an hour Natalie and the nurse, whose name I have learned is Helena, help me with the shower. At some point, I felt like a human size barbie, because they both seem to enjoy playing dress up with me. 

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