Chapter: 30 Get Out!

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I want to sleep, but I cannot sleep...I have been turning and tossing in my bed for so long, still, I am unable to sleep. Taking sleeping pills is always my last resort when it comes to sleep. Sometimes I cannot sleep without them, but I don't want to completely rely on them that is why I try to avoid them as much as I can. Nevertheless, today I really need to sleep to think properly, as whatever happened today was a lot to take in for me, and my mind needs rest too. 

Reaching out the drawer of my bedside table, I grab the magical bottle which will help me to escape from the reality for some time. Sitting up, I extend my hand to grab a glass of water, but it is empty. I groan in frustration as I throw off the covers and stand up from the bed to get some water. Faint voices can be heard from outside, which alerts my mind, as I make my way towards the door.

Opening the door, my eyes slightly widen as I witness something unexpected. A girl is standing in the hallway, kissing Nathan and her hands are on his shoulders. Nathan's hands are clenched in a fist on his side, but he is not making any move to stop her. I don't know how, but I know who this girl is.


Suddenly, feeling like I am witnessing something I shouldn't, I try to step back into the room but accidentally the bottle of pills drops from my hand. Causing their heads to turn into my direction. Nathan is looking at me with frantic eyes as he steps back from her. 

"Who are you? And what are you doing in his house?" the girl, whom I assume is Ashley, asks me while glaring at me as I pick the bottle from the floor.

You are not the only one who wants to know the answer to this question. I also don't know what the hell I am doing here.

"I asked you something, girl," she says with an irritated tone.

"And I ignored you, girl," I say mimicking her, raising my eyebrows. 

What does she think? I am going to get intimidated by her.

"Abigail, this is Ashley," finally Nathan founds his voice.

So, what should I do? Thank her? That because of her I got married to a shitty person.

I nod and make my way towards them and stop still keeping a fair distance. 

"What happened?" Nathan eyes the bottle in my hand then looks at my face.

"Nothing," I shrug, he doesn't look convinced but he didn't press any further.

"Nathan babe, who is she?" she murmurs and places a hand on his arm, trying to look innocent. The keyword is 'trying'.

Babe? Seriously? if seeing them kiss didn't make me puke, this will surely make me.

"She is my wife," he pushes her hand away from his arm. 

"Wife? You are kidding me? You can't even like a girl like her..." she makes a face, as she looks in my direction.

She has a nice sleek blonde hair cut into a short bob. High cheeks bones, plump lips, and body of a model. But, will it be rude to point out that with the amount of cosmetic surgery performed on her, she is more looking like a plastic doll, rather than human?

"You only love me, you can't be with someone else," her eyes filling with tears as she says," I was stupid not to realize how much I loved you."

"Now I have come back to you and you don't need to be with her," she wipes her tears and glares me, "I know you like no one else, I am what you need in your life not a slut like her."

"Woah! Don't pull me into your this fake drama with crocodile tears, ok?" I stand right in front of her and arch my eyebrow, "and it is true he doesn't need a slut in his life, that is why he married me."

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