Chapter: 66 He Is Mine

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Nathan's POV






Smug expression spread over my face when I hear my phone ringing.

"Hello," I smirk, knowing full well, the reason behind this phone call.

"Nathan Asshole Knight... you are so dead!" I hear my beautiful wife's voice from the speaker.

"What happened, baby?" I feign innocence even when I know what riled her up.

"Baby? Don't you dare call me baby!" she shouts, I am sure she is pacing angrily.

"It is just a picture, Abigail," I laugh, "There is no need to be so angry."

"Angry?" she loudly exhales in annoyance, "I am fuming at the moment!" she says through her teeth.

"Because of that picture... my inbox is full of hate messages from the girls and even from some boys too," she sighs frustratedly, "And the worst thing why the hell did you need to tag me? Nobody even knew about my account."

"I wanted to show everyone that I am owned by a beautiful girl, who is my wife," I shrug as I lean back in my chair.

"It is good that you are not in front of me, otherwise I would have strangled you for uploading our picture on your Instagram handle," she says, but I can feel her anger fading away.

"My phone has been continuously ringing and my email box is overflowing with emails," she sighs heavily, "And don't ask about my DM, I have got tons of messages, there also."

"I don't understand why they are bothering you?"I frown, as I check the time for my next meeting, "This is not our first picture together and it is been a long time since we were not hiding that we are together," I smile at the distant memory when we first time went out in the public. 

I can never forget her shocked expression when I held her for the first time. It had really infuriated me the way she was being questioned about her husband and marriage. But she rendered me speechless with her grace and confidence as not even once she lost her composure or shown her discomfort. But I wanted to be there for her, so without even caring about anything I made it quite obvious in front of everyone that I am her husband.

I don't understand why it is a big deal now.

"This is the first time you are accepting this relationship openly," her voice sounds like she is away from the speaker.

"Our," I switch my phone to the other hand.

"Huh?" sound of her footsteps nearing the phone can be heard.

"Our relationship, Abigail," I roll my eyes.

"So cheesy you are," her laugh resonates through the speaker, then she continues, "We did go out, but officially there was no confirmation from us."

"But there was no denial too?" I counter.

"Yeah, but still," she says as I can imagine her shrugging nonchalantly, "Shit," she suddenly curses making me immediately concern.

"What happen?" I lean forward in my chair and furrow forms between my eyebrows in worry.

"Uh...nothing," she says through clenched jaws.

"Abigail," I demand, getting anxious.

"Hmm..." she groans softly.

I hang up the voice call only to video call her. I know something has happened it may not be anything serious, but still, something has happened and I want to know what it is.

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