Chapter 2: Business deal

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Nathan's POV

Like every year, I asked my assistant to send flowers and a Happy Anniversary note to her. If it was in my hand I would have erased this day from the calendar, hell! I would not even have married if it was my choice. 

As like last two years this year also, my mother kept on reminding me of this day...MY anniversary. I, Nathan Knight, one of the most successful youngest businessmen is married for three goddamn years. The world does not know about my marriage, they consider me as the Most eligible bachelor and I like to keep it that way. Only if they know the truth, that I have lost my bachelorhood three years back to a girl who is completely stranger to me.. all thanks to dear father of mine.

Even if I try to forget that day, I could not. I never wanted to marry her. But, I did not have much choice, I was forced and blackmailed by my parents. If I had not agreed to this marriage then my father would have ruined my hard work, my business. Also, I needed my inheritance, to expand my business, which was only obtainable if I was married. So, I kind of made a deal, that I will get married to whomever they want, but I will live my life the way I am living not like a married man and nobody apart from our families will know about our marriage. Until I achieve my goals and ready to be settled. Thankfully, my parents agreed. They have seen me broken from my first and last serious relationship, they wanted me to move to a sustainable relation which is marriage in their opinion. And I, on the other hand, stopped listening to my heart and started living my life.

Keeping up to their word, my parents and Mr.Prescott kept the wedding very low key. I was always inspired by Mr.Prescott, he and my father are friends. Mr.Prescott is an amazing person and a very successful businessman, so when I found out that he agreed to marry his younger daughter to me, it came as a shock.  I mean, why on earth somebody sensible and rich, like him, wants to marry his daughter like this. On top of that, he agreed to fund my new venture too. Maybe his daughter is ugly or has some kind of defect, that is why he is willing her to marry her to me.

My mother kept telling me to go on a date with her before marriage so that we will get to know each other. But I was least interested in this girl I was just looking forward to financial gain. For me, this marriage was nothing more than a business deal, but I never understand why she accepted this marriage proposal. 

The first time I saw her was on our so-called wedding day, the first thing which I noticed was that she was not ugly. She was an innocent looking girl, with an air of confidence. But when I look the way she was seeing her father with a smile, it angered me more. It was like she was happy that her father bought her a nice gift, this bloody spoiled daddy's little girl. She looked at me and smiled, while I glared at her, she suddenly looks again towards her father who gave her an encouraging smile. I just wanted to get over with this wedding nonsense, I hardly listened what minister was saying I quickly played my groom part and left the wedding.

I snap out of thoughts as my phone rings, looking at the screen I slightly smile.


" Hey baby, wanna catch up tonight? we could do something naughty" Sharon, my friend with benefits, asks in a seductive tone. Always straight to the point, I like her, even in bed also she doesn't waste any time. 

"You know I can not decline such offers" smirk forming on my face as I answer. This is just I wanted after the date with that girl.

"Ok baby, I will be waiting for you... Do not be late, see you later at my place." She hangs up the phone. I look at my watch and exits my office.

"Let's get over with this thing called date"


As I walk towards my usual table I see she already sitting there. I just nod my head in her direction, not bothering with greetings, as I always do. The next thing surprises me a little, she always calls me Nathan whatever little conversation we carry. But today she called me as Mr.Knight. I was quick to mask my surprise with a neutral face.

I reply" Hello Abigail" She smiles sweetly at me as she says," Its Miss. Prescott to you." I could not help but raise an eyebrow at her. I am getting this feeling this date is going to be interesting.

The waiter asks about her order while flirting with her, I am about to give him peace of mind, as I do not like it. Before I can say something Abigail beats me to it. She is glaring at him while she asks him to fuck off in a polite way, this makes me smile but I hide it. 

Being a gentleman I ask her why she has not ordered something.  But this evening is full of surprises for me because the next words which came out of her mouth were nothing I expect from for.

"Because I am not here to eat, I think we should talk as after ten minutes before you will get some call and would have to leave me to attend your important work" What the Fuck?! Did I make that excuse look too obvious?  

I try to say something, honestly, I do not have anything in my mind to respond to her, but she cuts off me and continue.

  "Our ten minutes date has started, so I'll just come to the main point before this ten minutes are over." Is she high on something where this all confidence came from. But, honestly, I hardly know her. I nod her to continue.

 " We both know the reality of this marriage. This is an arranged marriage and you have clearly shown how much you hate this relationship by walking away just after the marriage. I agree I was not also thrilled with this marriage. But your actions were not justified."

As soon as these words left her mouth I feel like anger winding up in me. I just wait for her to continue as I am genuinely interested where she is getting to. 

  " I do not think I deserve all this...these three years I tried to understand the reason behind your attitude towards our marriage..towards me. but now it is...just... I can't seem to understand."   You might not understand me but I have understood you completely. I am not going to lose myself to some spoiled girl. She might have thought, I would be wrapped around her fingers and she could use me, but that is never gonna happen. I am too smart to be trapped in her game.

As I am thinking she would beg me to accept her as my wife and give her rights but what she says next completely stuns me.

" What do you want me to do? maybe earlier I would have asked what is my fault... Why are you treating me like this... but now I know my only fault is getting married to you and I think for this fault, three years of suffering is enough for me. So, I want to ask what do you have in your mind? because I think we should just finish whatever it is and separate our ways."  After a pause, she says," If you are worried about money or business partnership between our families. I assure you nothing will change.. whatever happens between us this will not have any effect on it." Oh, so she thinks marrying me is a mistake and wants to get rid of me. It is slightly true I do not want to ruins our family relations whether it is in business or personal. 

So many things are going on in my mind, I am trying to wrap my head around what she just said. I am just looking at her, while she is not looking in my direction. And when she looks, tears in her eyes are clearly visible. I want to console her, as I did feel bad for her seeing her tears. But I stopped myself doing such stupidity as women use their tears as weapons and this what she is doing right now. After not getting any response from me she grabs her stuff and leaves.

"So she wants to end this marriage... she wants to reject me.." I mummer to myself while taking a sip of my wine. " She does not know what she has gotten herself into, I am the one who is going to throw her out of my life, not the other way around. No one can turn me down. I'll make sure to break her. And I will enjoy every bit of it."

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