Bonus Chapter:4 Part Of You

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I swear there is something wrong with Nathan. He is behaving... weirdly. He is always by my side and treating me like I am a fragile glass doll. He goes into this super protective mode if someone even passes by me. 

First, I thought in my test reports it is maybe mentioned that I am suffering from some fatal disease. This is why he is being super protective of me, and not letting me know about the reports. When I told him about my suspicion... well he didn't like my theory and he was extremely furious that I even thought of something like this. But eventually, he told me that I am suffering from mild anemia that's why I am not feeling well. 

 Oh and I forgot to mention, Nathan is my self-appointed dietitian. He is keeping a strict eye on my diet and forcefully feeds me every hour or so. 

I find it endearing but at the same time, it is irritating, too.

Keeping my elbow on my crossed legs, I put my face in my hand. As I silently admire my very good looking but extremely pissed off husband. While he paces around in his office room as he is trying to sort some work issue on call. 

I love watching him especially when he is in his zone. When he is being the Nathan Knight, the hardworking and dedicated, successful businessman. And I love him, even more, when I get a glimpse of my Nathan is those faint smiles he sends my way.

Abruptly, he stops pacing and comes towards me and gives a quick peck on my lips. Then again he returns to his call. My lips stretch into a shy smile and I turn my face down to hide my embarrassment.

Every time he kisses even if it a small peck, my cheeks heat up showing my obvious embarrassed state.

"I love seeing the effect of my kisses on you," he whispers near my ear, "Don't ever hide that beautiful shade of pink from me, my love, I kiss you to see that color," he places a kiss just below my ear, turning my cheeks into a darker shade of pink.

"You know if someone writes a book on our lives what is its name going to be?" he sits beside me on the couch and arches an eyebrow, placing his phone on the coffee table.

"Maybe, 'How I met a dickhead?'" I shrug, "Or 'How to train your dimwit husband?'" 

"Nope," he shakes his head, "Actually, it will be... Fifty Shades..." he gently pulls me towards him while wrapping his arms around my waist.

 "Nathan!" I exclaim as my eyes widen in shock.

"Shhh..." he playfully narrows his eyes and hushes me, "Don't interrupt."

"As I was saying, it will be..." he pauses to make sure I will not interrupt him again.

"Fifty," he pecks my lips holding my face with one hand, "Shades," kiss, "Of," kiss, "Pink," this time he really kisses me, setting free all the butterflies in my stomach, while my cheeks are on fire.

"I can kiss you all day," he breaks the kiss, and I almost feel... disappointed, "But we have to get home," he chuckles and kisses my pouted lips, then he pulls me to my feet along with himself.

As soon as we walk outside the office room, his protective side kicks in. His arm goes around my waist in a protective manner as he keeps me close to him.

When we reach the building entrance, Mark is already standing there by the car waiting for us.

"All done?" Nathan asks him, as he opens the passenger door for me.

"Yes," Mark nods and goes around the car to sit in the driver's seat.

"What you guys talking about?"I ask Nathan when he slips beside me.

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