Chapter: 28 Acting Differently

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 This chapter is dedicated to bookfriend17. Thank you for liking this story and I hope this chapter will balance out last chapter's sweetness. 😂


Last night Nathan did get kisses... a lot of kisses, in fact, a bag full of kisses. 

He made me buy him Hershey's Kisses party bag. It was hilarious to see him eat them, I would have never thought he liked... no scratch that loved them so much. He ate all of them, he didn't even offer me a single of them. When I asked him to share some, he downright refused. This guy has some serious obsession with kisses.

Georgia laughs seeing my face scrunch up in distaste as I put an orange slice in my mouth.

"Orange tastes so weird when you eat them directly after you have brush your teeth," I push the plate away.

She put away the oranges and places breakfast plate in front of me, I thanked her and start eating.

"Nathan is still asleep?," I ask her, as I eat a forkful of scrambled eggs.

Normally, he is up before me and today I haven't seen him, yet. 

"No, he left early for office today," she answers as she washes the breakfast dishes.

"Strange," I mutter to myself.

For the past few days, we are going together and last night also he didn't mention about leaving early in the morning. I check my phone to see if he informed me something on text, but there is no message from him.

When I reach the office, I thought to see him but then decided against it, not wanting to disturb him as he might be busy with some important stuff. Soon, I am also busy with my work. Nearly after three hours, I notice not even once my office phone rang, as he often intercoms me from time to time. 

Maybe he is silently crying over his weight gain after eating so many chocolates or perhaps regretting consuming them in large quantity as he turned diabetic overnight.

  "It is really weird," I say to myself. 

 Sometimes later I hear a knock and somebody pops their head inside, slightly opening the door.

"Hey, I came on this floor for some work, so I thought to meet you," Austin, a guy from the accounts department says.

"Sure, come in," I smile and gesture to the seat in front of my desk. Austin is a nice and friendly person. He helped me quite a few times when I have issues relating to accounts.   

He smiles as he comes inside and sits. He leans back and eyes my perfectly organized desk.

"What are you doing?" he glances at the file which is on my desk.

"Nothing, just comparing the figures," I shrug.

"Have any plans for lunch?" he nods, then casually asks. 

"No, not as such," I shake my head," I have to submit my report to my professor today, so I will skip lunch to work on it."

After randomly chatting for a few minutes,  he stands up and says, "Ok, I'll return to work now and see you later,"  and then he leaves.

Now I am feeling a bit anxious, as it is even past lunch time and still, I have not heard anything from Nathan. I decide to go to his room, as I have to discuss some work and at the same time I will check on him too, as this is the first time something like this has happened.

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