Bonus Chapter:2 Second Home

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Author's Note: This chapter takes place immediately after the wedding. So, now you guys will know where did Nathan and Abigail go after they escaped from their own wedding. 😉


"This is insane," I laugh as I shake my head.

"I don't find anything insane about it," Nathan says casually and holds my hand over the center console of the car.

"We just eloped from our own wedding," I lace my fingers with his, "And nobody knows where we are going, not even me," I lean back in the seat as I turn my head towards my dapper looking husband. 

The coat has been ditched, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, bow-tie has been long gone, and top buttons of shirt undone. In short, he looks hot and I am a lucky girl. 

My husband is eye candy.

"Nobody needs to know where we are going," he shrugs, he leaves my hand for a moment to change the gear then his hand finds mine again.

"We have been married, twice," his lips twitch in a mischievous grin, "Now, I am taking my wife to her wedding gift so that I can finally have my gift."

"Wedding gift?" I panic realizing I haven't bought anything for him.

"I am sorry, I haven't bought anything for you," I look in my lap, feeling guilty for not buying any gift for him. He has been showering gifts on me and I have not gifted him anything back.

"Don't be upset," he rubs a thumb over the back of my hand, "I will have my gift myself," he says as my eyebrows pull together in confusion.

"You are my gift," he says as he brings our conjoined hand near his mouth and places a kiss, "And I know I will love unwrapping my gift," he smirks teasingly making my eyes widen in shock.

"Nathan," I pull my hand back, feeling flustered, as his chuckle fills the car adding more to my embarrassment.

"I have been a good boy, for so long," he slows the car, "I think as I reward, I should get a slight glimpse of my gift," he lightly runs his fingertips on my exposed collar-bone, "Should I say a slight taste of my gift?"

Before I can understand what he meant, he pulls me towards him holding the nape of my neck and places his lips on mine. Soon he pulls back and again focus on driving as if the kiss never happened, while I look at him in disbelief as heat rises to my cheeks. 

The kiss was sweet and quick, for which I am grateful as I don't think I would appreciate, me being in a box and six feet under the soil on my wedding day.

"I love it, when I leave you dumbstruck," he grins like an idiot when he notices my startled expression.

"And I would love it when I will leave you hanging in between," A playful smile forms on my face as I lean forward and place a swift kiss near his mouth, "With your painful situation," His jaws drop in shock.

"You are diabolical," he says giving me a quick look then returning his gaze back to the road.

"Oh, that I am," I proudly say, "Or how else I could have survived being married to an evil person like you," I laugh, while he has a soft smile playing on his lips as if he is enjoying whatever I am saying.

But my laughter soon dies down in my throat when a two-story house comes into my view. Not just any house, a beach house. Slowly the car comes to halt in the private driveway, as I lean forward in the seat taking in the sight of the beautiful looking house.

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