Chapter: 41 Do not die!

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Nathan's POV

The surgery is still going on and there is no update on her condition. It's been three hours since the surgery has started and as the time is passing the tension is increasing. I feel like I am a ticking time bomb and will explode any moment if I didn't get hold of any news about her.

Each moment is agonizing and torturous, and everybody is on edge. The sound of operation theater door opening causes us to snap our eyes towards the door in anticipation. Soon we rush towards the door as doctors appeared from the inside.

"Abigail Prescott?" they look at us expectantly.

"I am her father," Nicolas comes forward, his eyes filled with dread and worry.

"I am Dr. Brown and I am handling your daughter's case, and this is my fellow doctor," Dr.Brown nods at the doctor beside him," Dr. Cole."

"During the surgery, she crashed twice on the operation table, as her body went into shock. After the blood transfusion, we managed to stop the internal bleeding and treated other minor injuries too. Medication has been started to subdue her brain swelling, which thankfully showing results. However, as her vitals are not very strong," he looks at us, making sure we are understanding what he is saying, sighs," we are sorry to inform that even after everything we did, she slipped into the coma."

"Coma?" Nicolas frowns and whispers in disbelief.

"There is more, due to the injury to her right lung, her breathing is also very weak and she is hardly able to breathe on her own. She is on the ventilator right now. Chances are not very bright, but we are trying our best," he grimly says," she will be moved into ICU as we have to keep her under observation for 48 hours. If everything goes well, then she will be shifted into the room," he sympathetically looks at us," But right now you can't meet her as she is in the recovery room."

"You said chances are not very bright, what do you mean by that? " Beth asks, her tone surprisingly calm," Chances of her waking up from the coma or not waking up at all?"

My heart stops at her question. 

"Currently we are not in a position to tell you that, but we suggest not to keep your hopes very high," he sighs and answers. After giving us a sympathetic look they leave allowing us to deal with this news.

My heart squeezing painfully at the thought of losing her. I clench my eyes shut, as tears fill in my eyes. I hate that she has to go through all this pain. I will give anything at this moment to switch place with her. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying. 

Someone gently places a hand on my shoulder, I open my eyes to see Beth looking at me. She looks like she has aged ten years in a few hours.

"Thank you for helping us to find our daughter," she looks down for a moment, then back at me," You can leave now, as there is no need for you to stay here anymore. Her family is here with her."

"I am staying right here," I shake my head," I can't leave her."

"Why can't you leave her now? When you were never there for her in the first place?" she questions.

Each word feels like a slap on my face. I gulp and look down not able to meet her eyes.

"She is important to me. I will not leave her," I look into her eyes, letting her know that I mean every word which I say," Not again, because I love her. I will not disappoint her again. I will make everything right."

"Don't you think it is too late now?" she purses her lips as tears fall from her eyes," My daughter is barely alive and now you say that you love her? It is too late, Nathan, too late. She has given up, all this is too much for her."

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