Chapter: 20 Cutie Pie

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"That went well," Nathan says after the investors left.

" Yes, it didn't take much convincing, they were already willing to invest."

We are still sitting in the hotel, I glance around the table and find a familiar face. 

"Oh, shit!" My eyes widen in horror and I duck down to hide.

"What happened why are you hiding?" Nathan asks and turns to see where I was looking.

"Don't look there," I hiss.

"Cutie pie!" I hear a shrilling voice.

" Oh. God. please. no," I groan as I bang my head on the table after each word.

Suddenly I am pulled on my feet and embraced into a bone-crushing hug.

"Cutie Pie... how are you? I missed you so much," I awkwardly pat Denise's back, as she swings us both back and forth.

" I am good," I pull myself free from her. I hesitantly glance at Nathan for some kind of help, I guess I am on my own, as his eyes are full amusement as he looks at us.

"Cutie pie, you are so grown up now... It is been ages since I have seen you," she pinches my cheeks adding more to my embarrassment.

" We have just met a few months back," I smile uneasily and gently pulls her hands away from my cheeks.

" Umm... Denise, I am with someone," I nod my head at Nathan," we will catch up later, hope you don't mind," I say. I hope she gets my point and leaves because she already has embarrassed me enough.

"Oh, my mistake I didn't notice you are on a date," She eyes Nathan and winks at him, "It's good you are enjoying out of your marriage, once in a while change is good."

I gape at her not knowing what to say.

" It is not what you are thinking," I shake my head with wide eyes.

" Don't worry your secret is safe with me," she gives Nathan a sideways glance as she says.

" Ok, I will get going Henson is waiting for me," She points at a man clearly younger than her, who smiles in return.

"Henson?" I ask as curiosity get the best of me.

"He is my husband," She looks dreamily at him.

" If I am not mistaken, your husband name was Frank."

"He was my ex-husband, Henson and I got married two months back," She giggles while covering her mouth with a hand," we are still enjoying our honeymoon phase."

Congratulations on your sixth marriage, I want to say to her so badly but I just settle on simple "Congratulations".

"I can't keep my munchkin waiting for long," she blows a kiss to her husband number six, as I internally gag.

She kisses my cheek, "See you later cutie pie, tell Bethany I said Hi."

"Yeah, sure."

She rushes back to her "munchkin" and soon both start to suck each other faces, making me nauseated.

 I sit back on the chair and furiously rub my cheek to get rid of her lipstick.

" So... cutie pie," Nathan says with a glint of mischievousness in his eyes.

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