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Around seven months back, I started writing this story. At that time, I was going through a low phase in my life, as nothing was working for me. So, when I started writing this story I, honestly, used to think why I am even writing this story? Because no one will read this, and like always I am going to be disappointed. But still, I continued to write because this time, I had refused to give up. I wanted to give my best so that even if it will not work, at least in my heart I would know that I tried my level best.

If I am going to be a loser, I will be the best loser. A loser who refused to give up and tried until the end to achieve his goal.

While writing this story a lot of things used to go in my mind, like what if people make fun of my writing? What if I am not able to convey the characters feelings properly in English as it is not my first language? Will I be able to do justice to the characters and the story? Will I be able to touch people's heart through my writing? There were endless questions in my mind. However, when I reached my first ten reads, I got some hope. So, instead of letting my mind think about all those questions, I completely shifted my focus on the story. With each chapter, I tried to be better and I hope I succeeded in that.

I am so blessed to have amazing readers like you. Without you "It's Complicated" would have been nothing... Abigail and Nathan would have been nothing... I would have been nothing.

"It's Complicated" actually changed my life, as it brought back the confidence which I had lost in myself. With each read, vote, and comment, I feel like I am defying the odds. A few months back I was a girl who was no one, but just because of your love and support, now I am being acknowledged as the author/writer of this story. Characters who just used to live in my mind are now, somewhere, part of your life too.

There were numerous times when your comments brought a smile to my face. Sometimes, I used to shed happy tears because of the love and appreciation which I got from my readers. Your comments and votes gave me the strength to continue writing this story. Every single word of yours touched my heart. Still, whenever any reader comments on any chapter, the happiness which I feel is still the same as I felt on my first ever comment.

Not even in my wildest dream, I could have thought that this story will receive so much love and appreciation. If you were a silent reader, I would also like to show my gratitude to you. As simply by taking your time and reading this story you have shown your belief in me and my writing so I thank you!

Your encouraging words have motivated me so much, that now I want to continue this journey of writing. There are some ideas in my mind on which I will start working soon, I just pray that my future work will not disappoint you. The trust which you have shown in my writing, I hope I will be able to live up to that in my future stories too.

I am so thankful to all of you from the depth of my heart for your unwavering support. You guys have been the most amazing, supportive, and encouraging readers, any writer could ask for. I love you all and I, honestly, mean it. Always stay blessed.❤️ 

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P.S. This list is in no specific order.

(Please accept my apologies, if I was not able to mention your name and you have been with me from the beginning of this story. Inbox me and I will mention your name in this list of my consistent supporters. 🙂)


If you want me to write the sequel of "It's Complicated", then please comment here. I will try to work on the sequel when I will complete writing the stories on which currently I am planning to work. 

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