Chapter: 64 The Ring

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"It is getting late and now you should go back to your house," I say as between yawn, feeling tired and sleepy.

"Why should I go back to the house, when I am home?" he frowns.

"What do you mean?" I rub my eyes, as now they are getting heavier with sleep.

"Well," he hugs me from behind, "Home is where you are. So, when you are here, then why should I go to an empty house?"

"Awww... how can you say something so sweet, Nathan?" I say in an even tone as I roll my eyes.

"Loving you will not stop me from kicking your ass, for being cheesy or plain stupid," I slap his arm, "It will just take me a moment to drop you from my boyfriend's position."

He laughs to himself, making me suspicious.

"Actually, I came here to return you something," he unwraps his one arm, then he takes out something from his pocket, "Open your hand." 

I open my palm, then he places something in my hand. My eyes widen when I see a ring, not any ring the ring, in my hand.

"Nathan, I can't keep this... It is not mine to keep," I shake my head, looking at the wedding ring, and try to turn around. But he holds me tightly, not allowing me to turn.

"It is your and always will be yours," leaning down he places his chin on my shoulder.

"No, Nathan. It is not any ring, it is a wedding ring." I sigh and shake my head, "I can't keep this anymore. I don't have this right," I whisper, staring at the beautiful wedding ring which was once my most cherished possession.

"Only you have the right to wear this, Abigail," he softly says, "This ring belongs to you, just like I belong to you."

"Nathan, we are... I am not married anymore," I swallow, remembering the most difficult decision of my life. However, I don't regret taking that decision because that was the right thing to do at that time, especially for myself.

"Well, actually," he slightly shifts his hold on me and takes my hands in his, "When a person is busy chasing his wife and trying hard to win her heart back. He tends to forget trivial things, like signing the divorce papers or informing his wife that he may or may not have torn the papers," he lightly shrugs.

It takes a moment for me to process, what he has said. 

"What?!" my voice full of shock, making him laugh. 

"Yeah, we are still bonded by vows... and we are always going to remain like this. As now we are not only bonded by vows, but we are also bonded by hearts," he smiles and kisses my temple.

"As you already know, I never let go what is mine," he grins, "And you are and always will be mine, Mrs.Nathan Knight."

I feel something heavy on my finger and I gasp when I raise my hand to see it.

I don't even realize when he slipped the ring back into my finger. 

"Perfect," he whispers, looking over my shoulder.

"So, you are not my boyfriend, now?" I frown as small smile makes way to my lips liking the familiar yet foreign feeling of the ring.

"Actually, I was never really your boyfriend," he turns me in his arms, resting his hands on my back, "I have always been your husband, wife," he laughs looking pleased.

"You are so bad!" my lips turned into a sad pout, "I thought, I finally have my first boyfriend. But now I know I never had a boyfriend."

"You give me a chance as a boyfriend, which I think I did a pretty good job," the corners of his mouth twitch upwards, "Now give me a chance as a husband, again, I promise I will not disappoint you," he winks, making me laugh.

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