Chapter 5: One Week, Three Meetings

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"Please keep the change," I say to the cab driver as I reach my office.

"Please God everything should go well," I pray while I  approach the elevator. 

Today is really important for me as I have a really important meeting and I do not want anything to wrong. I came to the office earlier than usual because I have to prepare for my presentation, after reading the reports. I did not have much time, because the reports were delivered late. So, now I am mad really mad and I think if anything goes wrong I'll kill someone.

"Lucy, bring the reports in my room and have you checked the conference room?" I ask Lucy, as I grabbed the coffee from her hand, "and Lucy, thank you." I tilt my coffee cup slightly and smile. She never forgets to get me my morning coffee and it is really sweet of her as I never ask her to do.

"Here you go boss," she said while handing me the reports. I just roll my eyes at her as she knows how much it irritates me when she calls me boss.

"Check conference room, make sure everything is fine. I'll be there in an hour after checking these reports." She quickly nodded and left, because we might joke around each other but when it comes to work we are very strict and serious. I start reading the reports while making notes for the presentation. 

Nathan's POV

I am heading towards Prescott Enterprises because I have a meeting to attend. 

"Are you excited?" Miles ask.

I look up from my phone, "No, why should I be?"

"You are going to meet her, your wife. You should be excited." He looks at me in disbelief.

"Firstly do not call her my wife and secondly there is nothing to be excited." 

He ignored me and continue," I can not believe finally I am going to meet your wife," He put emphasizes of your wife. "I am so excited." he smiles widely. This is my best friend and I still don't know why I am still friend with him.

" Sometimes, I feel like killing know that right?" I glare at him which did not work as he knows I can not do anything like that to him.

" Yeah... yeah...heard that before." 

He both step out of the car and entered the office. I am thankful that Miles is not saying anything stupid.

"So, you gonna kiss her and greet" he looks at my hand and say," You didn't bring her flowers? how unromantic of you." I just ignored her as we reach reception. 

"Nathan" I turn and see Mr.Prescott approaching me. I smile at him and extended my hand.

He shakes my hand " I am glad son, you came."  I turn to Miles and introduced him. Both exchanged greetings while shaking hands. And then we all walk into Mr.Prescott's office as there is still time for the meeting to start.

"Hello Nicholas," Michael, his COO enters the office room.

Then he faces us and grins "Good afternoon young men." and sat on the chair in front of the table. 

" Good afternoon" We both greeted him.

" So, how is everything going?" Nicholas asks Michael.

"Oh.. It is a war zone." Michael chuckles and Nicholas shakes his head slightly smiling.

"Any causalities?" Nicholas ask still smiling.

"So far no but can't guarantee anything."

Me and Miles exchanges confusing looks. He raises his eyebrows as if asking me what's this all about and I just shrug because I am also clueless.

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