Chapter: 25 I've got you

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This chapter is dedicated to nicoolsena. Thank you for supporting this story. 😊


Right after we enter the club, I scan the crowd to find my folks. Finally, I find Sara waving frantically at me from the booth on the upper level of the club.

"There," I point at the upper floor. Nathan follows my line of sight and nods as he starts to lead the way where I have pointed.

"Guys! No sign of Giant Nanny," Sara happily yells, when she sees me.

"You didn't tell, you are bringing a Hot Nanny with you," Sara smirks and wiggles her eyebrows at Nathan.

"He is not a nanny, he is Nathan," Natalie shrugs and replies in a bored tone. As we settle on the semi-circle shaped leather couch.

"And she is my hater," Nathan mumbles in the same tone mocking Natalie.

When I introduced Nathan to everybody, it feels like our whole table went in shock except Natalie who is tapping her fingers frustratingly on the table while looking at everyone.

"Get over with it guys," Natalie huffs with an eye roll," He just the invisible husband, who is now trying to become visible."

"Woah! The man behind the ring," Shawn says as he points at my ring, he is the first one to come out of shock, "It is great to meet you, man," he laughs and gives Nathan clap on the back, as he sits beside Sara.

"At one point I used to think, Abigail has made up all this like she is married and all, to keep jerks at bay," Rachel takes a swig from her beer bottle.

"It is so much fun when she turns down guys by showing her ring," Sara pipes in.

"You used your ring to fend off jerks?" Nathan tilts his head and ask.

"Yes, but it doesn't work every time," I smirk and whisper, "See, you are still here with me."

Travis comes back holding drinks for everyone. I am sitting on the outside, so I stand up to help him but I accidentally bump into a girl. Immediately, I turn and apologize to her but she quite rudely flips me off.

I turn my body to face that Gothic looking girl, as cross my arms over my chest," Do you want me to tell you that, where to shove it?" I nod at her finger and raise my eyebrow in a challenging way," High up, huh?"

Looking embarrassed she scurries away. I shrug nonchalantly as I sit back. Nathan is gazing me with wide eyes.

"What?" I question him. 

"Nothing," He smirks as he slowly shakes his head.

"Let's play truth and dare," Shawn says when he finishes his beer and places empty bottle horizontally on the knee level glass table in front of us.

Almost everyone groans, as he always wants to play this stupid game. Although mostly he ends up in being trouble, still he doesn't learn his lesson.

"Let Nathan decide," Shawn suggests, "He is here with us for the first time."

After a pause, he adds," For your information, Abigail never turns down any dare," he winks at Nathan with a sly smile.

"Any reasonable dare," I quickly add glaring at Shawn, not liking where this thing may lead.

"Then we will play truth and dare," Nathan gives me his irritating smirk.

We all girls look at each other, silent message passes between us. We all nod in unison. It is decided we will go for truth only. Not trusting guys, only God knows what kind of dares they may have in their minds.

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