Chapter: 60 Fear

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"Abigail, your phone is ringing constantly," Lucy stops me when I am about to enter the conference room to attend a meeting with my team, "I think maybe it is important," she hands me my phone which I had left on charing in my office.

"Thanks," I frown and take my phone from her hand.

Checking the phone, sure there are many missed calls. Sliding my finger over the screen I unlock it and my frown deepened when I tap on the missed calls notifications. Around, five calls from Mom, two from Dad's and Natalie's number and one from Nathan's. 

My heart fills with dread because it is not usual for everyone to call me, almost in half an hour span. I call Nathan first, as his call was the first, but he did not receive it. I tried again twice, but my calls go on the voice mail.

Next, I dial Mom's number and she picks up when I am about to hang up the call.

"Where were you?" Mom asks as soon as she receives the call.

"I was busy and my phone was on charge in my office," I say as I walk into the conference room and motion Eric with my hand to come outside.

"Richard suffered from a heart attack and he is in the hospital," Mom informs, making me freeze in my spot.

"Your Dad and I, just, reached the hospital," I hear the sound of the closing of car's door, "You should also come."

"Yeah, I will be there as soon as possible," I nod my head, even though she can't see my face and end the call.

"Eric, I am going," I turn to Eric, who was patiently waiting for me to finish the call, "Take care of the meeting and other stuff behind me, and if it is really important then only call me. Okay?" I tell him and quickly go to my office to grab my stuff, without even listening to his reply.

The entire drive to the hospital is nerve-wracking, I am worried about Richard... I am worried about Nathan, too. Nathan may not confess openly but he loves his parents a lot. Nathan is an only child and he deeply cares about his parents. 

He must be so worried, that is why he was calling me.

I nearly run inside the hospital, after parking my car in the hospital parking. Taking long strides I reach the reception lobby.

"Can you please tell, on which floor Mr.Knight is?" I impatiently ask at the reception while tapping my fingers on the glass desk.

"Third floor, private wing," the receptionist informs me after checking on the system, "Stairs are on the far right end and you will find elevators if you go straight in this direction," she points behind her back.

"Thanks," I say to her and follow her directions towards the stairs not wanting to wait for the elevators.

As soon as I reach the third floor, I see Mark talking to someone on the phone with a scowl on his face. When he sees me he ends the call and takes me to the private wing.

In the waiting area, Mom is sitting beside Alice and quietly talking to her, who is just lightly nodding her head. Dad is talking with someone whom I don't know. And Nathan is nowhere to be seen.

"How is Mr.Knight?" I go to Alice and ask her.

"Doctors are running tests on him," Alice says, as worry etched on her face, "Heart attack was a massive one."

"Don't worry, Mrs.Knight," I gently hug and try to reassure her, "He will be fine."

She purses her lips and nods while wiping the tears from underneath her eyes. Nathan comes inside with stoic expression. When he sees me, he gives me a small nod. I know he keeps his emotions in control most of the time and doesn't show them much on his face. So he must be worried sick from the inside, but for the sake of his mother, he is not showing it.

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