Chapter: 37 You Lost Her Trust

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Nathan's POV

Adam places a hand on my shoulder and nods at me as Nicolas exits the room. Following him, we walk outside the house when we are just about to sit in the car. A voice from behind stops us.

"Going without me?" Natalie says, making us turn to her.

"Get inside the house, you are not coming with us," Nicolas shakes his head.

"I am coming with you and this time you can't stop me by locking me up in the room, Uncle Nicolas," she challengingly looks at him.

"We are wasting time, we should hurry up," Adam says impatiently.

"Okay, you can come," Nicolas sighs defeatedly, knowing he can't make her stay.

"Where is she?" she asks Adam. He is about to answer but stops when Nicolas cuts him.

"Don't tell her. The lesser she knows, the better it is," Nicolas says as he opens the car door," that way she will stick with us and will not do anything crazy."

"Why are you carrying baseball bat?" Adam frowns when he notices baseball bat in her hand.

"I am planning to replace that 'r' with 'm' in Victor's name," she says as she puts one hand on her hip and lightly swing the baseball bat with other.

"Of course, you heard everything," Adam exasperate," Just don't swing this at his head, we need answers and smashed head won't be of much use."

"Get inside the car," my tone irritable as I motion towards my car with my hand, as the time is passing my anxiousness is growing.

I expected some kind of insult from her. But instead of showing her hatred towards me like she always does, she gives me a look which shows sadness and disappointment. Without saying anything to me she walks to Nicolas car and sits inside.

"I will come with you," Adam says.

I start the car and drive out of the driveway, and turn to the highway to reach to the address as soon as possible. Stepping on the gas I increase the speed while maneuvering between the lanes to avoid any kind of delay. 

"We are going to get to her soon," Adam gives me a sideways glance," she will be fine."

Gripping the steering wheel tightly, I swallow as I try to push away all negative feelings aside. Regardless, how much I try, the fear is gnawing me from inside and it will not go away, till she is not with me.

"Where was she going?" I ask him, trying to keep my head clear of tormenting thoughts.

When he doesn't respond to my question. I look at him, his jaw tightened as he is staring out from the window, then fix my gaze back to the road. 

"Away," after a few moments he speaks," away from all this," he exhales.

She was going away from me.

"All of this is too much for her," he continues," we are not aware what happened between you two, we only know how much she told us, but whatever it is, she has reached her saturation point."

"I broke her trust," I say quietly. Feeling even more, ashamed of myself when I admit it openly.

"No, you lost her trust," he looks at me pointedly," perhaps, her too."

Each word he spoke is true, but then also they enrage me. 

"I did a lot of mistakes in the past," I say calmly, as I exhale through teeth," and I truly regret everything, but I can't change the past."

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