Chapter 12: Reunion Part 1

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Nathan clears his throat to gain my attention.

"Shall we?" He motions towards the front door, as I look up from the phone.

I nod and follow him.

When we reach his car he opens the passenger door for me, I slide into the seat. After a moment he gets into the driver seat. I feel like there is something bothering him, I consider to ask him but then drop the idea. Because I don't know how he will react and maybe he will think that I have some kind of hidden motive. He is sort of a twisted person.

He drove the car in silence, while I welcome this silence as there is nothing we can talk about. The car comes to halt at the red light, I see from my peripheral vision he slightly turns his head in my direction.

"Abigail..." He hesitates for a moment and then continues, "I want to apologize for the other day..." he trails off.

My head snaps in his direction, this is the last thing which I expected from him. 

"I shouldn't have said you those things," he says.

" I don't know what to say," I shrug," I guess, it's ok." 

Although it's not ok, at all. How can someone be ok, with being called 'a waste of time'? 

His gaze lingers at me for some time, then he looks back at the front and puts the car into gear as red turns into green light.

He drives the car in silence, I keep thinking even though his behavior seems genuine but why does my mind is not completely convinced. Why do I feel there's a reason behind this change in his demeanor. 

Almost after half an hour of silence, he speaks, as he pulls into a driveway of the gated house, " There might be some more people other than my friends. I didn't know about that earlier if I'd know I would have never brought you here. "

" You could have told me the moment you knew about it. However, it is still not late, I'll just go back." 

"No, you don't need to go back," He quickly says.

"It's just that I don't know them very well so, I am not comfortable introducing you to them," he shakes his head, his voice sounds exasperated.

He still hasn't turned the engine off, even we have reached the house. It's like he just realized this and debating whether to stay or leave.

" Nathan it's fine if you don't want me to come,"  I check my phone, as I continue, " I'll just call a cab and go home."

My hand reaches for the door handle to open the door, when he says," No let's go inside."

He kills the engine, as I stepped outside the car. I take a moment to look at the beautiful house in front of me. It's kind of house which is perfect for a family. There is a wide lawn, in front of the big white color house, with a marble fountain in the middle. My eyes move to the corner where I can see an artificial waterfall and a small pond surround by different colorful flowers and plants. It is simply so beautiful and calming that I find myself relaxed. Effects nature and water can have on you.

I sense Nathan standing beside me. I tear my gaze from the calming view to him. He is patiently waiting for me, then he starts walking towards the front steps of the house I silently follow him he knocks the door after a minute or two it opens revealing a very attractive looking woman, in mid-twenties. 

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