Chapter: 16 My Boyfriend?

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As we enter the office, dad embraces me in a tight hug. But he didn't say much may be due to Nathan being present there.

As soon as I show him the note and the pictures, which surprisingly Nathan has picked up from my desk, he has a solemn look on his face.

" I don't want you to worry dad," I say, as I watch him going through the pictures.

"He did this to your car, right?" he shows the picture of my smashed car.

"Yeah," I look at it, then look away.

"And you tell me not to worry? I am your Dad I have every right in this world to worry about you," he looks straight into my eyes.

"I am sorry, dad. I should have listened to you," I whisper and shake my head.

"Abby," he sighs, then comes around his desk and leans in front of me, "you have nothing to say sorry about, what should I say to make you believe that."

"Because of me, you are worried," I gesture to pictures," all of this is happening because of me."

" I love you, I'll always be worried about you no matter what."

" He called me-" before I could complete the sentence.

" He called you? and now you are telling me?" Dad yells making me flinch, I quickly glance at Nathan who is looking at us with slightly wide eyes.

" I thought he would just messing," I say in a small voice. Owen never messes and who can know this better than me.

" That son of a bitch!" Dad exclaims, he is furious is just an understatement.

" Somebody was following her a few days back, "Nathan's voice turns our head to him.

" And you waited so that something happens to her?" dad snaps back at him. I am surprised by his harsh tone, he never talks to him this way.

" Nicolas you know me better than this," Nathan says his tone is calm, but I can feel his anger.

"Yeah, I thought I know you," dad glares.

Nathan clenches his jaws but doesn't say anything. I know something has happened between them, but I am not sure what it is and honestly, I don't have the energy to find out also.

 " Abby, you should go and take rest," dad put a hand on my shoulder, " I handle this matter."

The way he is talking I feel he doesn't want to talk about anything in front of Nathan.

" I will call the driver," dad says, as he reaches for the phone on his desk.

"There is no need I am taking her back to my house," Nathan says clearly still annoyed with dad.

" If you need anything just call me," dad completely ignores Nathan, then wraps me in a bear hug," We'll talk about this later. Don't worry and be careful," he whispers.

" Abigail, if he tries to hurt you tell me straight away, ok?"  dad says loudly when we are about to step outside the office.

I turn and nod my head, slightly perplexed about whom he is talking about. Because the way he said and Nathan balls his hand into a fist, I don't think this was directed towards Owen.

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