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It has been three years, still, I remember that day as its just been yesterday. How can a girl forget the day when she is dressed up in a beautiful white gown and walked down the aisle to be with the man of her dreams. 

But I remember this day for completely other reasons and trust me none of them are romantic. I was eighteen years old being married to the person whom I have never seen, hell I didn't even know his name, other than he's the son of Mr. Richard Knight. Mr. Knight is my father's oldest friend and business ally. Arrange marriage is not new in our family, my elder sister Hannah also had an arranged marriage, but luckily she found the love of her life in her husband. We often joke about it too, as I call her marriage "reverse fairy tale" first wedding then love.

However, I wish could say the same about myself also, my married life is far from ordinary. I didn't have a big wedding, just close family and friends not that I mind. That day I met my husband-to-be, we just exchanged formal greetings. It would be wrong to say that he was bad looking, in fact, he is definitely one of those males girls swoon over. He was wearing a simple white button-down shirt and black dress pant, other than that there is nothing simple about him. He has this authoritative and bad boy aura around him, which made me internally smile because I am always drawn to a strong personality.

In a matter of a few hours my life changed and from Abigail Marie Prescott, I became Mrs. Nathan Knight.

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