Chapter: 33 She Left Me

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Nathan's POV 

36 calls, I have called her 36 times and she didn't answer any one of them. Of course, she would not receive any of my calls, as like always I screwed up again! I had left the venue without even informing her when I was the one who asked her to talk to me. I didn't know how to face her when I realized what kind of pathetic person I was when I thought to deceive her.

 Earlier she slapped me, but after leaving her waiting there, now she will definitely kill me.

How could be I so fucking stupid, that I told Sharon about Abigail's past? I just told her that Abigail has a past that no one knows about and she shared it with me. But still, I should have never told her anything.

Abigail will never forgive me when she will find out! 

But this is not the only thing which I have hidden from her. When Nicolas threatened me to sell all my company's shares, I just came up with a plan to get them back, by winning Abigail's trust and then make her transfer all the shares to my name. The plan which was long forgotten, until Sharon brought that up last night. She was the only one who suggested, to win Abigail's trust, then take advantage of that trust. The plan which seemed perfect to me at that time now disgusts me when I think about it.

I will tell her the truth and face whatever consequences will be... because I don't want to hide anything from her anymore. I want to confess to her that every moment between us was real, nothing was a lie. 

"When will she come to the office, it is almost afternoon?" I groan as I check the time. I am a coward, but you can't blame me she is scary when she is mad. That's why last night when I came home late, I went straight to my room and today also I came to the office without meeting her.

My phone beeps, as I get a text from Miles.

"Check this link, immediately!

"This better not be some kind of porn, otherwise I will kill him," I mutter while opening the link.

My eyes widen in shock, then anger overtakes me when I see the article, about the harassment which Abigail had faced, published in a famous online magazine. 

Who could do this? Only Abigail's family and I know about this... So it is possible that Owen leaked this information to the media. 

"I have to find out," I say to myself as I dial the magazine's editor number.

"Mr.Wyatt, this is Nathan Knight speaking. I have just read the article which is published in your magazine about, Abigail Knight and I want to know from where you got the information and who asked you to publish it?" I demand, trying to keep my anger in control. 

"We have interviewed Miss. Prescott in the morning, she told her harassment story to us and gave us the permission to publish it," Ignoring the urge to correct him when he said, Miss. Prescott. I hang up the call, not before warning him that if he is lying then I will make sure to shut his magazine.

A sense of pride filling my heart, knowing that Abigail has finally decided to face her fears. It makes me happy that she has accepted that, whatever had happened with her, she did not need to hide it as it was not her mistake. 

"Still, I have to talk to her, I have to know what is going on in her mind? And why didn't she tell me about this?" I quickly make my way towards the elevator, when I notice the door of Abigail's office room is open.

Thank God she has come to the office, as I was about to go home to talk to her.

"Abigail, I have just read-" I stop in mid-sentence when instead of Abigail I find Eric in her room.

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