Chapter: 34 She Knows Everything

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Nathan's POV

When I hear doorbell I jump to my feet in hope that maybe she has come back. But when I answer the door all my hopes get crushed as I find Miles standing outside. Opening the door I go back into her room without even looking if Miles has come inside or not.

"What the hell is going on?" Miles enters Abigail's room, then looking around he asks, "and where is Abigail?"

I pick up the divorce papers from the floor and give it to him. He looks at the papers in disbelief, his mouth slightly ajar in shock.

"How can you let this happen?" he waves the paper in front of me," how can you let her go?"

"She didn't tell me anything," I sigh," she just left me."

"Just left you?" he narrows his eyes at me," she is not stupid to leave you just like that!" he shouts at me looking furious.

"I don't know," I throw up hand in frustration," we had a fight, then she left me."

My mind is still not accepting that she can abandon me, for three years she hadn't left me, and now she just left me without even telling me. Suddenly, anger rises in me the more I thought the angrier I feel, she didn't even talk to me she just disappeared from my life.

 "Nathan, I may not have known her for long, but one thing I know about her she is not the person who takes a hasty decision... she definitely has some strong reason to take such a huge step," Miles says.

"Ashley came to meet me," I close my eyes and tell him," Abigail saw her kissing me," I clench my jaws feeling disgusted by the kiss. 

When I kissed girls in past, they were all emotionless. Kisses with Ashley held only one emotion, it was lust. But when I kissed Abigail, even though she didn't kiss me back, I felt something...I knew it wasn't lust, it was something else.  That night when Ashley kissed me I didn't kiss her back, I only let her kiss me because I wanted to know the kiss with Abigail was really different or my mind was making up things. The second Ashley's lips touched mine, I knew no kiss can ever come anywhere near to the kiss which I shared with Abigail. There was some kind of connection between us.

"She couldn't take it well when she found out that Abigail is my wife," I look at angry looking Miles," things got heated and she tried to slap Abigail, before even I could do anything Abigail handled her well," slight smile forming on my face remembering the way she warned her.

She is definitely someone not to mess with. 

" Abigail held her wrist in a death grip, and she was trying to hurt her," I continue," I accidentally pushed Abigail while trying to release her hold on Ashley's hand," I exhale.

The very next moment I am harshly pinned to the wall with an angry Miles on my face. 

"How could you touch her?" he slams me against the wall, holding me by the collar," You still worried about that wench, who ditched you because she found someone else better than you to sunk her teeth."

"I don't give a damn about her," I release his hold when I recover from the shock. Miles never fought with me, this is the first time, and he is angry with me that too because of Abigail that is even more surprising. 

 "Ashley was hurting Abigail," I glare at him," she was clawing her hand like a mad woman and Abigail was too consumed in anger even to notice it."

"But you tell me, why do you care about Abigail so much?" I push his chest angrily.

"Are you serious?!" he shouts," I care about her because I love her!" 

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