Chapter: 65 Playroom

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Nathan's POV

My eyes slowly flutter open, momentarily I feel disoriented and wary of my surrounding. Then my eyes land on the sleeping figure of my beautiful wife. She looks so peaceful and carefree, only I wish she can be this carefree when she is awake too. 

Her chest rising and falling in small breaths, as her eyes sometimes lightly flutter behind her closed eyelids, giving the impression that her eyes will snap open the next moment. But, she never even once stir in her sleep, for which I am glad, as it means she is not having any nightmares.

She is sleeping on her side, tightly hugging her pillow, mirroring her position I turn onto my side and leaned on my elbow resting my head on my hand as I watch her. Wisps of hair falling on her face, her shirt has been ridden up giving the glimpse of the curve of her waist, as she has kicked off the covers sometime during her sleep. My eyes fixed on the bare skin of her waist. 

Hey, I am not a pervert!

My eyebrows pulled in together when my eyes run over some light scars on the side of her waist. My body tense, when I realize these scars are remnant of her accident. Narrowing my eyes I look intently at the painful marks caused by the shreds of glass. Although scars are not prominent but can be seen when you look closely.

I swallow and gently run my fingers on them, my fingers barely touching her skin, as the scenes from that night flash through my mind making my stomach churn painfully.

I run my hand across my face and take a few deep breaths trying to calm the unsettling feeling stirring inside me, as I lay on my back staring at the ceiling. I can't bring myself to imagine what must have gone through her in those moments. 

The beautiful moment when I realized my love for her, is the same moment which will haunt me for the rest of my life. 

My throat feels thick with emotions, as I reminisce the pain of losing her. 

The urge to have her in my arms is so strong that, without even thinking twice, I pull her into my arms making her awake. 

She frowns, then she looks at me with her tired sleep filled eyes.

"What happened?" she whispers sleepily as she blinks attempting to clear the sleep from her eyes.

"Nothing," I just manage to say, through my constricting throat.

Her gaze finds mine, she looks more awake now, as she stares at me looking unconvinced. It is strange that, even in her sleepy state, she picks up something is bothering me just by the sound of my voice. 

"Just had a nightmare," I sigh as an understanding passes through her eyes, "I am sorry, I disturbed your sleep," I clench my eyes controlling my emotions.

Her eyes lingering on my face for longer than a moment, I am trying damn hard to keep my emotions at bay, then she gives me a small but unconvinced smile.

"It is okay," she smiles, "Do you want water?"

"No," I shake my head, "Can I hold you while sleeping?" I swallow hard to keep my voice from shaking.

Her response is a slight nod of her head, as she gets into a comfortable position. I wound my arms around her frame, after a moment she wraps her arm around my torso, instantly calming effect spreads over me. 

I can never get enough of this wonderful feeling of her, wrapped securely, in my arms.

"Nathan," she softly says, her warm breath fanning across my skin, "I will always be with you, and will be there for you, as long as you want me to be." 

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