Chapter: 27 First Kiss

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This chapter is dedicated to Anuhya_24. Thank you for liking this story.  😘


"You kissed me?" I ask my mouth slightly parted in shock.

"Yeah, I did," he smiles and puts my hair behind my ear.

"Why did you kissed me?" I frown in confusion.

"Because I wanted to," he shrugs and smirks.

"You wanted to?!" I half-yelled. He suddenly kissed me out of nowhere just like that, because he wanted to, he should be lucky I am still slightly in shock otherwise he would be nursing his precious jewels.

"You know this the first time I kissed someone, who didn't kiss me back. I should be the one mad at you," he says as he presses his lips in a tight line and nods, pretending to look serious.

"You know this is the first time someone kissed me, that too without my permission. So, I should kill you," I retort.

"This was really your first kiss?" now he is looking surprised as his eyebrows shoot up.

"Yeah, because you behaved like an asshole at the wedding and didn't actually kiss me," I reply as I recall, after the words "You may kiss the bride" this jerk quickly kissed the side of my mouth.

 "You stole my first kiss?"I narrow my eyes and jab my finger in his chest.

"My first kiss," I pout sadly and whisper.

"How can I steal something which was already mine?" he arches an eyebrow," Your first kiss was mine and let me tell you I never let go what is mine," he says smugly.

"However, I am feeling a bit generous. So I will happily give you back your kiss, which is actually mine in the first place," he says with a mischievousness dancing in his eyes as he leans and pulls me closer.

"Oh, hell no!" My eye widens and I frantically shake my head.

"Oh, hell yes," he grins and nods.

I place my hands on his shoulders and push him back with my full strength. He falls back, on the other side of the couch, laughing loudly as I quickly sprint to my room.

 I close the door and lean against it as my lips stretch into a smile, as I think about the kiss. Maybe I am going crazy, I lost my first kiss unanticipatedly, instead of being angry I am smiling.

My mind was constantly dreading to face Nathan, and I just want to forget what happened. Well, not the kiss but the embarrassment. The kiss was, I don't know... good. I mean I have never been kissed before, so I can't really say it was good or not, however, there is an unexplainable feeling of contentment which I have never felt before. At the same time, fear is also lingering somewhere in my heart, that what if again my heart will be crushed again...what if I am getting my hopes high for no reason. 

 After an hour I come out of my room, as eventually, hunger won over my awkwardness.   

"I assumed you will never come out of your hiding place," Nathan teases me as soon as he sees me. Ignoring him, I walk straight into the kitchen. 

I start rummaging through the fridge to look for something to eat, but I find nothing appetizing. So I grab some fruits and thought to make a simple fruit salad.

"I have ordered pizza," he folds his arms as he leans against the countertop, "to celebrate your first kiss," he smirks.

"Ugh..." I drop the knife loudly and turn to him, "please stop saying that," I cry as heat rises to my cheeks.

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