Bonus Chapter:1 Kisses

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"I want kisses, woman!" Nathan glares at me, making me roll my eyes.

"Nathan, you are not going to have any kisses," I push the shopping cart forward down the aisle, as I look down at the grocery list to check which items are left.

I am trying to do some grocery shopping, but this big kid is making this simple task extremely difficult.

"Oh, yes I will," he challengingly looks at me and holds the handle of the cart.

"Stop behaving like a child," I purse my lips and try to push the cart, but it does not budge as Nathan is holding the cart with a smug look.

"I am not a child, so I will have as many kisses I want," he grabs my hand and jerks me towards himself, "And you can't stop me from having my kisses."

"Leave my hand," I say through gritted teeth feeling annoyed by his constant demanding.

"Is there a problem?" An elderly lady, asks me, as she narrows her eyes at Nathan.

"Yes, ma'am," Nathan innocently says before I can reply to the lady.

"Ma'am, I just want kisses and she is not letting me have them," he leaves my hand and walks to the lady.

"If she does not want to give a kiss, why are you troubling her?" she sternly asks him.

"She is my wife if I will not ask from her, then who else should I ask?" he makes a sad face, "Whole week I did not ask for any. But today I really want, I am craving for them. So, I am just requesting her, but she is being so heartless and not letting me have them," he looks down and says in a sad voice.

Wow! So much drama for kisses. 

"Awww... poor guy," she says in a sympathetic tone, as she buys his act.

"I know it is your personal matter and I should not interfere," she turns to me.

Yeah, lady, you should not. But still, go on.

 "He is your husband and he is requesting you, I think you should allow him to have a kiss," she coaxes and nods, "Look, how sweet he is?"

Sweet, my foot. Bloody dog!

"Thank you, ma'am, for requesting on my behalf," Nathan quickly says as he notices my glare, "She is really soft-hearted, I am sure she will definitely agree, once I will beg on my knees," he presses his lips tightly together to hold his laughter.

I shake my head and look down, trying to hide my smile. 

"You are such a sweet guy, I wish my late husband was like you," she dreamily smiles at him, "Stop being so heartless if he would have asked me, I would have instantly given him a kiss," she says to me.

Time for payback, slimeball!

"You can surely give him a kiss," I shrug, "I don't mind at all," I smirk when I find Nathan looking at me with horrified eyes as he furiously shakes his head.

"Trust me, this won't be the first time I will witness something like this," I pout, "So, you can fulfill your wish to give him a kiss," I blow a kiss at Nathan when she turns to see him.

"Let me take out my dentures first, then I will give him a kiss," she accepts the offer quite fast and shyly laughs, "I don't want them to come out as I kiss him," she opens her purse and start looking for something in it.

Wow, so eager to kiss him, oldie!

Nathan glares at me and makes a throat-cutting gesture as he mouths, "You are so dead."

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