Chapter: 21 Mrs.Nathan Knight

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Have you ever thought that you could have been somewhere else other than the place you are actually at? Like you are sitting in the middle of exams, you wish that instead of examination hall you'd have been enjoying on a beach?

I don't know if I am making any sense or not, but I really want to run away from this place where I am at the moment, office. I haven't been able to sleep properly for past few nights and all these piles of work making my condition worse, I practically feel like a zombie.

I love to work but there are some days when I don't, I simply want to go somewhere, like disappear from the face of the world, to chill. Such a day is today, the letters and numbers on my screen seem to me like crawling insects and I don't know how I am going to survive the rest of the day. However, taking off is next to impossible, because Master has given me a number of tasks to finish. 

Well, if you think that now he has extended the hand of friendship he would have toned down his level of arrogance, then you are highly mistaken. We are nowhere being friends, but still, things are better between us for the past few days. For starters  I am not constantly tempted to murder him, like earlier almost every second when I was with him I pondered on the ways how to kill him. Now such thoughts are less frequent like once or twice in an hour, which I think is a bit of a progress.

I groan and rub my face for the hundredth time, as there are lots of work that need to be completed and I haven't able to finish even one of them. For the last one hour, I am trying to read over some of the new agreements along with the old ones, that have to be emailed to our clients. I could have used some help from Mrs.Jones, but the poor lady is not herself feeling well. So, I don't have the heart to ask her.

My eyes drift to the intercom as its red light blinks, indicating Nathan is calling me. If he is calling to give some more work, I am going to break his skull. Taking a deep breath I pick up the receiver.

" Lunch in my office," he says even before I could say hello, and then he hangs up that too without giving me a chance to respond.

" Your wish is my command, Master!" I seethe while looking at receiver.

I put the receiver down and pick up my cell phone and some files which I have to hand to the marketing department. 

After dropping the files, I thought to check on Mrs.Jones. As she is one of the very few females employees who likes me here. I don't know what sort of crime I have committed to the rest of the female population at the office that I am constantly receiving their glares and dirty looks. When I reach her office booth she isn't there, maybe she went for lunch, I will check on her later. I turn around and make my way to Nathan's office.

I knock on the door twice then enter to find him talking to some girl from the marketing department. He glances at me and gives me a small smile and nod.

" Have you checked the marketing department files which I have given you?" He asks me.

" Yes, and I have made some changes so I have scanned the files and emailed to you to check. And I have also dropped the hard copy of those files at marketing to make them known of the changes."

" Good," He says to me, then gives a hard stare to the girl.

" You can get back to work and keep in mind next time I won't overlook your tardiness."

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