forcefully arranged by RomanticaA27
forcefully arrangedby Etta
Science proved that opposite powers attract but their case was different. They were as different as day and night but because of a stupid tradition they were forced upon...
  • arrogant
  • blame
  • couple
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The Artist & The Q.B. by kylekay
The Artist & The kylekay
Artist and Football player... Just read the first chapter, thats pretty much how the story is gonna go. XO
  • romance
  • wedding
  • bestfriends
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Wedding Flowers [Completed] by brookeallyson254
Wedding Flowers [Completed]by Brooke Allyson
Highest Rank: #1 in ChickLit Addison Thomas has been fascinated with flowers since she was little. Her and her mom would plant flower after flower making their home loo...
  • wedding
  • humor
  • chicklit
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The Billionaire's Unknown Child  by Dredge116
The Billionaire's Unknown Child by Dredge
Juliet Christiansen has never made a mistake in her life until she met Billionaire Playboy Hayden Knowles. After a night together he kicks her out of his hotel room and...
  • father
  • wedding
  • billionaires
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The Marriage Theory by Keri8794
The Marriage Theoryby Keri
<> Book 1 of The Marrying You Series. This book can be read as a stand alone. <> ****** Nick is a man who seemingly has all he needs in life. He has a great...
  • safelove
  • billionaire
  • featured
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Meant to be His (COMPLETED!) by Ravin17Stone
Meant to be His (COMPLETED!)by Ravin17Stone
Widowed on her wedding day, the sweet and beautiful Amber is left feeling cold inside. She is heart-broken and utterly disappointed in life. First her mother died, then...
  • buddinglove
  • secondchances
  • romance
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Loving the devil by mahumsheikh
Loving the devilby MahumSheikh
"That's my bed. Get your filthy body away from it. From now onwards, you will sleep on the couch. Now move!", I roared with anger, clutching her wrist and yank...
  • marriage
  • wattys2018
  • arrogant
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Sold To A Gang Leader (Complete) by princess_Ann_boss
Sold To A Gang Leader (Complete)by princess_Ann_boss
Meet Anna Isabella Spade. Anna is not like any normal teenage girl. Anna parents are gang leader. Ever since Anna was a little girl she has trained to become a killer. W...
  • mystery
  • gangs
  • thriller
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Mr. Write [COMPLETED] by joymoment
Mr. Write [COMPLETED]by Joy
"I'm freaking obsessed with this book" - nonormalband "I want to shoot my left knee cap," Elliot said. "A natural response. Is it because you f...
  • writers
  • teenlove
  • younglove
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Once Again Married by Ella_Wisteria
Once Again Marriedby Ella_Wisteria
"Mommy, can this guy be my daddy?" I heard my 3 year old daughter said. "Daddy, can this pretty lady be my mommy?" I heard another kid said to his da...
  • burningpassionaward2018
  • musim
  • hatelove
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Lexi's Promise [3] by neverfakeit
Lexi's Promise [3]by Morgan Rider
Let's say you found true love. And say you had eternity to spend with that lover. So what if he was the god of the dead and you had to manage his dysfunctional family. Y...
  • romance
  • hades
  • featured
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My Arrogant Husband by Starry_Nightmare
My Arrogant Husbandby Sara Alyammahi
Evelina Camilli is forced to marry the billionaire Devan Antonelli because of a contract her father signed years ago. Will she be able to resist him and the physical att...
  • maturelanguage
  • billionaire
  • raph
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Married to Mr Neat freak by Storm_Beauty
Married to Mr Neat freakby Reka♛Valeria
Highest ranked #5 in general fiction on 02/05/2018 ~~~~~~~~~~~ A typical cliché story of two individuals who are tied in loveless marriage.... Meghna prakash Narayan(23...
  • malhotra
  • arrangedmarriage
  • indianwedding
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A Master Of Mischief ~ George Weasley Love Story ~ Book 1 by xXMade2LoveXx
A Master Of Mischief ~ George Scarlett
Maddie has grown up without her mother and father, living with Remus Lupin. Her father is Sirius Black and sometimes she wonders if he even knows that she exsists, but t...
  • harry
  • george
  • twins
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Married to Him | Jeon Jungkook by flyn_99
Married to Him | Jeon Jungkookby 𝔽𝕃𝕐ℕℕ
"I keep thinking about the ways to get rid of you. Like choking you with my belt or something like...." Jungkook spoke in hoarse voice as he slowly approached...
  • bts
  • wedding
  • angst
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Her Dreams Above His Love - MaNan FF by MaNanlicious_Angel
Her Dreams Above His Love - MaNanlicious_Angel
Copyright © 2018 MaNanlicious_Angel Doesn't every girl has the right to live their life like they want to live? But will this society appreciate it? Will our partners un...
  • manan
  • wedding
  • love
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Ohana {Sequel to You're the guy my dad never shut up about?}  by -mrlin
Ohana {Sequel to You're the guy Miss Chanandler Bong
Sequel to You're the guy my dad never shut up about? --- "Don't breathe on that, Clinton, it's expensive" ...
  • galilea
  • peterparker
  • avengers
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Married To You For My Child by Sadreamygirl
Married To You For My Childby Sadreamygirl
[ Highest Ranking : #1 in Secondmarriage #1 in Sanaya Irani # 3 in Arnav ...
  • sacrifice
  • marriage
  • khushi
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Marrying Him ? by bluerosesmylove
Marrying Him ?by bluerosesmylove
Ranked highest #10 in Romance for just 24 hours. Hey but The best 24 hours of my life 😉 Ahaana Chaturvedi is a small town belle. She has been in love for with a guy fo...
  • wedding
  • hate
  • cursh
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Fly High (Completed) (GirlxGirl) (FanFiction) by JacquelineDohim
Fly High (Completed) (GirlxGirl) ( Jacqueline Dohim
What happen when a female pilot and a supermodel cross path? A story consist of money, popularity, paparazzi, juicy gossip and romance? Read to find out.
  • caradelevingne
  • adoption
  • rich
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