As Long As I Live by CrazyPunter
As Long As I Liveby CrazyPunter
Marriage. A bond made by ties of love, respect, trust and companionship. But not all marriages are blessed. Mayra has suffered at the hands of her husband until she reac...
  • marriage
  • muslim
  • guilt
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Rented  by valsthevals
Rented by valsthevals
Amelia is invited to her ex's wedding and doesn't have an option but to go so she contacts Harry, an actor who she will pay to act as her boyfriend for the week and hope...
  • fanfictiononedirection
  • wattys2018
  • wedding
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His Claim by rdritwika
His Claimby Ritwika Das
He pinned her frail body on the mattress with his body leaving no room for her to move . Her heart was beating frantically when he pinned her wrists above her head , cut...
  • love
  • kingdom
  • 18
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Sweet Addiction by JDanielsbooks
Sweet Addictionby J. Daniels ❁
COMPLETED (A WATTPAD PICK) Wedding hookups never amount to anything. Those who partake in this wicked little activity know the rules. Get in. Get laid. Get out. There's...
  • humor
  • lovestory
  • onenightstand
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My Husband's Girl by ms_aasthamishra
My Husband's Girlby Aastha Mishra
❝ I don't love you and I never will, because I love someone else ❞ Ian said to Alison, his brows touched together as he looked at his wife. ❝ Who is she?❞ Alison asked...
  • billionaire
  • sister
  • arrangedmarriage
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Caffery (The Drug Lord's Wife #1) by awesomegal15
Caffery (The Drug Lord's Wife #1)by Lucia M
[BOOK ONE] ******EDITING****** It was supposed to be a simple deal. Marry the guy and save my dad's company. "You're playing a dangerous game, love." "Go...
  • rome
  • mob
  • marriage
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The Artist & The Q.B. by kylekay
The Artist & The kylekay
Briar Roberts is a struggling artist who can't help clash with her best friends brother and Quarterback Truex Marshall. When Truex starts dropping hints of interest in h...
  • bestfriends
  • wattys2018
  • romance
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Arfa, My Son (Complete) by Denz91
Arfa, My Son (Complete)by Author Receh
Warning: 18+ hanya untuk 18 tahun ke atas!!! Jangan baca kalau hanya untuk nyinyir dan me REPORT cerita saya. Yang me REPORT saya doakan kutilan, bisulan, jerawa...
  • maturecontent
  • pernikahan
  • son
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Married To You For My Child by SajneenSheikh
Married To You For My Childby Sajneen
[ Highest Ranking : #1 in Secondmarriage #1 in Sanaya Irani # 1 in Arnav ...
  • child
  • ipkknd
  • billionaire
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Just Say I Do by CelesteABrook
Just Say I Doby Celeste A. Brook
Olivia has always been an optimist. Fresh out of college and about to start a great job, she couldn't be happier. Everything was going according to the plan. Until the d...
  • angst
  • marriage
  • family
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Billionaire Baby Daddy by krazygirlz032000
Billionaire Baby Daddyby krazygirlz032000
"Marry me." "Excuse me? I'm sorry, I must have heard you wrong, say that again." "I said, marry me." "No." "It wasn't a ques...
  • deal
  • luke
  • ceo
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Under the Billionaire's Protection by Made1ineHatter
Under the Billionaire's Protectionby Made1ineHatter
Highest rankings #1 in witness protection #1 marraige #1 in mature reads Thia is a 22 year old woman who is on the run. Her ex boyfriend Heath, in an act of 'love' kill...
  • sexy
  • jealous
  • hospital
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Tainted Faith by VampireBunny2154
Tainted Faithby Elise Watson
LILIANA FIORENZA is outraged when her papà strongly advises her to accept the proposal of a man she has heard only whispers about. Having resided in Sicily for the later...
  • love
  • cheating
  • romance
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Mr. Billionaire by Shykeijah
Mr. Billionaireby Shykeijah
Yvonne was left brokenhearted just hours before her wedding. Turns out the love of her life had been sleeping with her best friend behind her back and had fallen in love...
  • interracial
  • weddings
  • couple
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2.8 | Miles Away by hepburnettes
2.8 | Miles Awayby noelle
Darcy Evers didn't know the consequence of breaking Miles Callaghan's heart. Then he returns - cold, ruthless and seeking revenge on the girl who turned his life upside...
  • love
  • humor
  • ceo
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WedLock ~ Union of Two Souls by TreasuresOfHeart
WedLock ~ Union of Two Soulsby •SD•
Story revolves around 2 individuals with shattered hearts,both lost the one they loved! Both don't even want to move-on ,they are still stuck over past! What happens whe...
  • wattys2018
  • fanfiction
  • arrangedmarriage
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Love Just Happens by mahima1678
Love Just Happensby mahima1678
This story is based on our lovely couple , Shivika. It represents the love story of Shivaye and Anika on how they they met and fell in love. And also not to forget our c...
  • ishveer
  • omri
  • heart
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Adiya: A Journey To Remember...Aditya Zoya Series of One Shots.... by juhimkj
Adiya: A Journey To juhimkj
These are brief one shots on my latest favourite couple Aditya and Zoya from Bepannah...I love Aditya Hooda's character and he is one of the very different angry young m...
  • humour
  • wattpad
  • love
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The Billionaire's Unknown Child (COMPLETED)✔️ by Dredge116
The Billionaire's Unknown Child ( Dredge
Juliet Christiansen has never made a mistake in her life until she met Billionaire Playboy Hayden Knowles. After a night together he kicks her out of his hotel room and...
  • unknown
  • strongfemalelead
  • billionaires
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Just Me Again by YumnaMahmood
Just Me Againby S.Yumna Mahmood
Maria Wayne left after she was accused and betrayed by her love of her life. No matter how much he tries to make things better between them - Maria had enough. She could...
  • hate
  • bride
  • billionaire
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