Chapter: 47 Abigail Loved Me

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Nathan's POV

Minutes turn into hours... Hours turn into days... Days turn into weeks. But I find myself still standing there in that hospital room with her. Listening to her sobs in my arms. Each of her sobs was breaking something inside me. But knowing that reason behind her tears is me, that completely tore me apart.

Her words did not hurt me, because every single word she spoke was the truth, but the sorrow beneath those words shattered my heart into millions of pieces. I feel so disgusted by myself, knowing that I have hurt the person whom I should have given the world. What kind of a person I was, who cheated on her... she, who deserved nothing but love. I have not only hurt her but also disrespected the bond between us. Unknowingly, she has given me the worst punishment of my life my forgiving me.

She does not want me in her life, then I will respect her decision, even if it means life long suffering for me. I love her and nothing can stop me from loving her, but I can't be the cause of her pain. 

She told me that she had forgiven me and that I should get back to my life. The thing which she does not know is that I do not have a life without her, she is my life. The days which I have spent with her were the best days of my life and I will spend the rest of my life with those beautiful memories. 

Miles told me, two days back, he saw her with some guy and thinks that they were on a date. I will not lie, it did hurt. But if someone else can bring a smile on her face and give her the happiness which she deserves, then I will be happy for her. Despite how much it will kill me to see her with someone who is not me. Perhaps, this my punishment.

I sigh and close my eyes for a moment, then rolling down my car window, I press the intercom button beside the gate.

"Who is this?" A voice from the intercom asks within seconds.

"Nathan Knight," I inform him leaning slightly outside the window.

A few moments pass, then the buzzing sound of the gate breaks the silence as the gate opens. Driving my car inside the gate, I park on the side of the driveway. Turning off the engine, I sit in the car, debating was it a good idea to come here. But now, it is too late to turn back, so gathering the courage I get outside the car and walks towards the main door. 

Pittar patter of small footsteps can be heard approaching the door. Instantly, this brings a smile on my face and as soon as the door opens I am welcomed by two big smiles. Even, before, I can kneel down they launch themselves at me, making me laugh for the first time in many days.

"Uncle Nathan!" they both squeal in unison hugging my legs tightly.

 "Hey, guys!" I ruffle their hair, one by one, with my free hand. As I am holding the gifts, which I have brought for them, in my other hand.

"Let him come inside first, then you can tackle him to the ground," Adam appears behind them and laughs seeing us.

I come inside while Logan and Dylan go and stand beside their father. I bend down and give them their gifts. Seeing the gifts their faces brighten with excitement and they hug me.

"Thank you," they say and run somewhere inside the house.

"You didn't have to do that," Adam says shaking his head.

"I wanted to and it is worth it," I reply him with a smile which gets bigger when I hear Logan and Dylan's laugh.

"Thanks for coming," Adam smiles and claps on my back.

"Thanks for inviting," I return his smile, but my eyes are searching for her.

"She is not here," Adam replies my unasked question, "But she will come."

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