Chapter 9: You don't like her, because you don't know her!

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"You don't like her, because you don't know her!"

I give him a look which shuts him up, as he looks down and sighs. We both quietly clear the table and put dishes in a dishwasher.

We are sitting in the living room, I am going through my emails on my phone. While Miles is surfing through different channels after a few minutes he breaks the silence, "Who do you think called her? Do you think is she in some trouble?"

" I don't know, but it seems it was something serious." I agree.

What was meant by it when she said? "I'll like to see you try." That might means someone is threatening her.

"Yeah, her face had gone pale when she answered the call." He turns off the TV and put the remote on the coffee table.

"But when you asked she didn't say anything. Maybe it was really a wrong call." I shrug, trying to sound less curious.

"Oh c'mon we both know she was lying." he stretches himself on the couch." I feel she is not like those who share their problems with others, she keeps it to herself. " Before he can say anything more, the doorbell rings.

I stare at Miles to open the door, but he ignores me and closes his eyes. I sigh deeply and walk to the door when I open the door I see Abigail standing outside. I move away from the door and gets back into the living room. She enters the house carrying some books, by some I mean around four to five.

"Hey, Abigail you are back...what you got for me?" Miles yells from his place. Sometimes, he behaves as if he is five.

"Sorry I didn't buy anything for you," She shrugs

Miles makes a fake sad face. Bloody drama queen

"Perhaps I have something which you will like, just give me a second." Abigail quickly says and goes to her room, carrying books with her.

Abigail returns with two Tupperware boxes in her hand. She holds out one in my direction. I raise my eyebrow questioningly at her but take it from her hand. When I open the box delicious smell of chocolate cookies hits my nose, however, I am not the only one got this scrumptious whiff. Instantly, Miles tries to steal a cookie from my hand. Even before he can take a bite, Abigail snatches from his hand and puts back in the box. This leaves Miles mouth hanging open while his hand is still near his mouth.

"You can not eat those," She points to the box in my hand, "those cookies are for him."

Then she opens the box which she's holding and gives it to Miles, "Mom made these cookies for me, so you can have them," she glances at the box in my lap and sternly states," But she made those for Nathan and told me to give it to him, so you are not supposed to have them." This makes me internally roll my eyes at her childish behavior.

"Until he gives you, himself," She shrugs her shoulder and sits on the armchair next to Miles.

"So we have the perfect obedient child among ourselves." He says mockingly

"Yup, I better know not to go against my parent's orders," She says with a small smile, however, there's a slight hint of sadness in her eyes, "I have learned the hard way not to ever do that," she says the last line almost to herself. I say almost because I have heard it.

Miles start munching away the cookies," These are soooo good..." he says a mouthful of cookies.

I glance at Abigail, she is lost in some deep thoughts. At the same time, I can not stop myself from thinking about the call, which frightened her. What was the call about? Is she in some sort of danger or somebody is blackmailing her? Clearly, she doesn't want anybody to know about it, yet I have noticed how she was trying to stop her hands from shaking and trying to sound strong. Now, even if it is for some days, she is going to live with me in my house so her protection is my responsibility. I can't let her get harmed. I don't like her, but that doesn't mean I want something happens to her. 


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