Chapter 88

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taylor pov

i just finished my concert in east rutherford and we are finally home at my new york house.

it's july 13, 2022

it's good to be home but without him it doesn't feel like home.

sam pov

"babe stop! sam!" selena said and i chuckled against her cheek as i smeared my lips on her cheek.

i threw her over my shoulder and she squealed, "samantha! down!"

"okay." i said and threw her on my mom's couch.

selena giggled and i leaned down and kissed her.

she smiled into my lips and i cupped her cheeks.

"mom!" alison shouted and tugged on my leg.

i chuckled and pulled away from selena.

"yes darling?" i asked.

she giggled, "food."

"alright fine fine." i picked her up and placed her in her high chair and selena got brant.

i took my phone out and went onto my snapchat and put it on video.

"welcome to my life in a nutshell with special guests, selena gomez-swift, alison swift, brantley swift, then there's damned karlie kloss in the background. karlie get out! you're gonna break the camera!" i shouted and she laughed, "i hate you."

"she loves me. TELL ME YOU LOVE ME!"

"I LOVE YOU!" she screamed and ran over, jumping on me and i screamed and fell to the ground as karlie got up and smirked.

"too much love."

i added it to my story and started a new one.

"let's see. miss alison, mr. brantley. what can i get for you on this fine evening?" i said.

brantley smiled, "pop tarts!"

i laughed, "for dinner? nooo." selena said.

"that's my boy." i said and ended the video.

i saw amanda and jeremy on the couch and i walked over, "hey guys. what's in those brains of yours?" i asked.

they shrugged, "why did dad leave us?" amanda said, tears in her eyes.

i sighed and hugged them, kissing them both.

"your dad...wasn't a good guy. i don't know why anyone would leave you guys. i wouldn't leave you for the world." i said and smiled gently.

i looked up and saw mom on her phone in her bedroom.

"i'll be right back guys. watch tv okay?" i said and turned it on.

i walked into mom's room.

"how you holding up?" i asked.

she sighed and looked at the wedding photo on the bedside table.

"maybe i should call hi-"

i grabbed the phone before she got it, "hey. no stop. mom what he did was horrible and now he is with that jackie slut. listen to me. he left us. you need to leave him now. find someone else that you know you can trust. you need time to heal." i said and she nodded.

"we were so happy." she said and looked at the wedding picture again.

"i know. you can be happy again though mom." i whispered and she looked at a picture and picked it up.

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