Chapter 80

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sam pov

it's been weeks since the whole new years incident.

it's only been getting worse but i am trying my best to ignore it.

i have drowned in my music and i am getting ready for the grammys tonight.

i am performing and am up for song of the year, artist of the year, pop song of the year, best pop solo performance and best music video.

so 6 nominations.

my mom is also up for best music video for i knew you were trouble, artist of the year, song of the year for treacherous and best country album.

selena is then nominated for song of the year, nobody does it like you and her older song the heart wants what it wants, video of the year for the heart wants what it wants and pop song of the year with love will remember.

selena is performing the heart wants what it wants and mom is performing a song she wrote for RED on the deluxe version called the moment i knew.

"sam. let's go." selena said as we pulled up at the staples center.

i took a deep breath and we got out.



i just smiled and greeted people as we got onto the carpet and took pictures.

"mom!" i shouted.

she turned around and smiled.

i walked over to her and hugged her.

"where's dad?"

"with the kids. i made him stay." she said.

i laughed and nodded.

"so who'd you bring?" i asked.

she smirked and pointed behind her.

"aunt karlie! hey!" i hugged her tightly.

"hey sam! you look so great! i love it! sel hey!" she hugged selena.

"where are your kids?" she asked.

"with selena's parents. they've always wanted to watch their grand children." i said and chuckled.

"well we should head in." i said and held selena's lower back.


"and the winner for the best music video is...selena gomez the heart wants what it wants!" 

i smiled and stood up.

i kissed selena and she smiled brightly.

she hugged mom and taylor and went upstage.

"hey guys! wow. thank you so much! this is so great! i thank all of my amazing fans and the person who inspired this song. we went through a rough time and i love this person more than myself and the whole world so sam."

the camera turned to me and i had tears in my eyes.

"samantha i love you more than you could ever imagine. when we first got together i did not think it was possible to love someone this much in my whole life. i fell harder than i thought i could ever fall and no matter how hard i fell you would be there to catch me. we have been through everything and i couldn't be more happy knowing you were here by my side. and even though right now is a hard time i promise you i know who you truly are and i will never leave you. ever sam. the woman doing this to you doesn't know who she's messing with because you are the strongest person ever and i would not be here without you. you inspire me and you make me take risks and i love you so much. thank you so much."

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