Chapter 42

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that night

sam pov

"are you good? do you need anything?" i asked selena kindly.

she smiled and shook her head, "no. thanks sam." i nodded and walked out.

i walked downstairs and into the basement to find my piano in there.

i sat down and started playing it, thinking about me and selena through the years.

Lately I've been thinkin',

Thinkin' bout what we had,

I know it was hard,

It was all that we knew, yeah

Have you been drinkin'

To take all the pain away?

I wish that I could give you what you deserve...

'Cause nothing can ever,

Ever replace you.

Nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah.

You know there's no one

I can relate to.

And know we won't find a love that's so true...


selena pov

when i was trying to sleep i barely heard the sound of a piano.

i curiously stood up and walked downstairs.

the basement door is open.

i sighed and walked down quietly.

i saw sam sitting at the piano, playing it and singing a song i've never heard before.

"There's nothing like us,

There's nothing like you and me,

Together through the storm.

There's nothing like us,

There's nothing like you and me,

Together, oh"

i smiled as she played that beautiful song.

is it about us?

god she looks absolutely beautiful.

i walked over, "it's amazing." she jumped and looked at me and chuckled, "i didn't know you were awake."

i smirked, "well it's hard to sleep when someone is playing a piano at night."

she smiled and got red, "sorry."

aw she's so cute.

"it's okay." i said softly.

i looked at her arm and saw her tattoo of my name on her shoulder.

sam looked at it and blushed, "let's go to bed." she said awkwardly and stood up, walking past me.

i followed her and she stopped infront of the guest room, "i'll see you in the morning."

i smiled and nodded, "okay."

i walked in and closed the door behind me.

i smiled and put my head against the door, sliding my body down it.

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