Chapter 90

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taylor pov

after our decision to keep whatever is going on with karlie and i a secret for now, we dispersed from the house and we all ended up deciding on a beach day. "who's ready to get sexy?" sam said as she rounded a corner and attacked selena's neck with her lips.

i tried not to laugh and selena giggled, "with our kids watching? not a chance. but you can get ready for this." she kissed sam's lips with her own and a grin curled it's way to my daughter's face.

"i like that."

"i know. okay. who's ready for some sand and sun?"

"ME!" alison and brant cheered.

"me!" amanda and jeremy shouted.

"me!" karlie and sam then shouted and i giggled, rolling my eyes.

"let's get out of here then."

amanda and jeremy bolted for the door  fighting each other for a seat, sam carried alison and selena carried brantley.

"so...beach huh?" karlie said with a flirty smirk plastered on her lips.

"yeah...beach. might not be the most private but...i have a few tricks up my sleeve." i said and grinned at her. and it was genuine. playful even.

i feel happy around her. like maybe she is the key to forgetting he-who-shall-not-be-named for good. i just need to surround myself with good people, you know? "well good. cause i got some too." she whispered into my ear and went into the car.

since sam said she'd drive and selena sat herself in the passenger seat, karlie and i were in the middle section of the large, black SUV. alison and brant in the car seats next to karlie and i, then amanda was on a full on cage match with her brother in the way back.

"OW! MOM! JEREMY BIT ME!" amanda screeched.

"bite him back." i said and rolled my eyes.

"nice parenting sarah burge." sam said and i scoffed, "okay no. i didn't give amanda a boob job samantha. girls need to learn how to fight back."

she laughed, "whenever i got into a fight you almost burned me for witchcraft mother."

i giggled and karlie chuckled, listening to sam and i bicker playfully. by the time we arrived at the beach, several paparazzi were already there on scene to catch us. we picked the most open spot and settled there to get a relaxing day by the relaxing ocean, with my relaxing family.

the relaxing family thing might've been too out there, considering sand was kicked in my face by my daughter. no not amanda. sam.

i grunted, "are you insane?"

she smirked, "water."

"no." i said with a smile on my lips.

she gave me a look, "mom, i know how much you like your pale skin and spf 300 but you need to stop looking like a vampire and get some color. come on!" she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the water.

i groaned and when my feet hit the water i yelped in surprise. "WHY IS IT AS COLD AS THE FROZEN TUNDRA?!"

selena laughed at me from in the water with amanda and jeremy.

"maybe i should watch alison and brant-"

"no. karlie is with them making sand castles. you, my dear pal, dry friend, go in the water to have some fun for once in your life." i scoffed, "i have fun!"

"oh yeah? then show me." she said with a smirk.

i rolled my eyes, "fine."

i looked back at karlie who was staring at me as i walked to the water.

i winked at her and ran into the water.

"YAY MOM!" amanda shouted and they both, as in amanda and jeremy, jumped on me.

my 8 year old daughter and 4 year old son were tackling me, not to mention my 24 year old daughter lunging at me to tackle me.

we fell under water and she pulled me out and to my feet.

"MAMA!" alison and brantley cheered.

sam turned to them and smiled, "be right back."

she ran over to her kids and karlie said something and then walked into the water.

she grinned at me and i said, "race out there?"

she smirked, "you're so on swift."

we swam as fast as possible and she beat me.

i grunted, "dammit!"

she giggled and yanked me under water.

i had my eyes closed but i felt her lips attach themselves to my own and i grinned as we pulled away and came above the surface.

karlie's dazzling smile brightened my day even more than it already was.

"that was..."

"romantic? i know." she finished and i rolled my eyes,"cocky much?"

"gorgeous much?" she replied and looked around and took me behind the diving platform to kiss me and got on the platform.

i followed her and got on it.

she grabbed my hand, "on the count of 2?"

i scrunched my eyebrows,"why 2"

karlie shrugged her shoulders and said, "it could be our thing. something to tell the grand kids about."

i gave her a weird look, "i have grand kids, you know."

she laughed, "right...and yet you're what? 31?"

(i totally know i messed up the time thing with this story and ages. i apologize. i am going to try and straighten it out!)

"whatever. okay, on two. for the grand kids." i said and she smirked, "for the grand kids."

we counted to 2 and jumped, letting myself fall.

and i did. i fell.


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