Chapter 64

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1 month later

taylor pov

sam and i haven't talked in a month.

selena and sam are having troubles and whenever terry is with the kids selena is there as well.

she refuses to leave the twins alone unless she is there and i don't blame her.

i don't trust terry at all. she admitted she is going to get rid of me and it's working so far.

she turned sam against me and now she is going to try to get rid of me.

am i scared? kind of.

but more for sam then for me.

terry doesn't love sam. she just wants to get back at me from taking sam away from her.

she is going to mess sam up again and leave her once her job is done.

as headlights passed my window is looked down at a sleeping ezra.

i sighed and rubbed my head, trying to calm my headache and thoughts about sam.

i looked at my clock.



god taylor go to bed.

i finally closed my eyes and got about 10 minutes of sleep until i heard amanda scream.

ezra and i jumped up.


i ran into my 7 year old daughter's room.

i ran to her bed where she was thrashing around.

"amanda baby it's me! it's mommy! baby i'm here!" i said and held her shoulders down.

she opened her eyes and tears instantly spilled out of them.

she collapsed into my arms and i put my arms around her body.

she sobbed and sobbed.

"mandi what happened pumpkin?" ezra asked and rubbed her back.

i closed my eyes and she started shaking uncontrollably.

this reminds me of sam so much.

"i h-had a n-nightm-mare." she sobbed out.

i looked at ezra and he looked at me with a small smile, rubbing my arm and kissing my forehead, comforting me.

then her looked at amanda, "about what pumpkin?"

she pulled away from me and i smiled at her comfortingly and rubbed circles on her back just how i used to with sam.

"i had a dream that mom was taken away...somebody hurt her and sam was upset and she couldn't stop doing bad things when you were gone and then selly was hurt. a mean lady hurt you mommy." she said and whimpered.

i frowned at her.

is this supposed to be a sign?

maybe that wasn't just a dream amanda had...maybe that will actually happen?

if i am gone and selena gets hurt then sam will completely fall off the wagon again and terry who i am guessing is the mean lady will leave sam again. 

sam will be a wreck.

oh god.

"it was just a dream darling. go back to bed okay?" ezra said softly.

she sniffled and said, "can you guys stay with me? please?"

i smiled and looked at ezra.

he smiled back at me and we nodded, "sure baby." i said and kissed her temple.

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