Chapter 53

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10 weeks later

selena: 34 weeks along

sam pov

"so last night you posted a picture." jimmy kimmel said.

"yes i did jimmy." i said and smiled.

"well let's take a look." he said and my picture popped up.

"awwwww." everyone said.

i smiled.

it's a picture of me and selena.

my hands are on her large stomach and we were both looking into eachother's eyes.

mom was taking the picture.

"so how far is selena?"

"34 weeks."

"wow. 8 months. next month is the big one huh?"

"yeah yeah it is."


"i am mortified."

everyone laughed.

"number one. i haven't gotten sleep in the past month because selena likes to kick and she gets cravings...a lot."

everyone laughed, "i'm sure she is. that happens when you're pregnant so..." jimmy said.

i laughed, "yeah well."

"okay i need some help now."

"yeah sure jim."

"are you a dude?"

i cracked up and so did everyone else.

"no i am fully woman and i have proof." i said and laughed.

"okay okay. well you always dress like one soo."

i chuckled, "i dress more like a guy yeah but i am a girl. promise."

"alright well there you have it! the mystery is solved!"

we all laughed.

"that's it for tonight! thank you for coming sam! good luck with those kids!" jimmy said.

i smiled and hugged him before waving and leaving.

3 am

"sam...sam wake up."

i groaned, "huh?"

"sam it's an emergency." selena said.

i shot up, "what's wrong? are you okay?"

she giggled, "can you get me some cheese?"

i glared at her, "cheese really? at 3 in the morning?"

she pouted her lip, "please? the babies are hungry."

i sighed, "you are really using our kids as your alibi?"

she giggled and nodded, "yeah. well i am having cravings and if mama ain't happy. ain't nobody happy." she said and scowled at me now.

i jumped up, "got it. i'll be back! love you!" i ran out the door and went to the store.


next day

"selena! babe i'm home!" i shouted as i walked in from a recording of a song i've been working on.

no answer...

"Sel?" i said.

i walked upstairs towards our bedroom, "sel baby are you here?"

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