Chapter 10

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1 week later

sam pov

i moved out. officially.

mom isn't very happy about it.

she hasn't spoken much to me since i told her about my enlisting.

selena still doesn't know. i'm not leaving for another 2 months. so i have time.

well...2 months is not enough but it's what i got.

i have been going to the gym a lot and working out more.

"hey babe. why do you need to talk to me?" selena said as she walked into my house and kissed me.

i smiled, "well. i was thinking. we have been together for 6 years. and i want to take it a step further."

she furrowed her eyebrows, "what do you mean?"

"move in with me." i said.

her face was shocked but it crept into a huge smile, "i'd love to!"

she squealed and jumped on me.

i laughed and held her closely.

"i love you so much!" she squeaked.

i smiled and pulled away and kissed her, "i love you too baby."

she smiled brightly and wrapped her arms tightly around me.

i breathed in her luscious scent of a warm vanilla.

"ugh! i can't wait!"

"wait for what?" we turned around and saw mom standing in the open doorway.

"sam asked me to move in!" selena exclaimed.

mom raised her eyebrows and an amused smirk crept onto her face.

"oh did she now? nice timing sam." mom said.

"mom. stop." i scolded.

she raised her hands up in defense, "hey. i'm just saying."

selena looked back at me confused.

"is there something going on between you two?" she asked.

mom smirked, "yeah. we're fine. nothing can keep us apart right sam? not even if she flew halfway across the world and-"

"MOM!" i yelled.

she glared at me.

"fine. nevermind. i'll leave you two alone. considering you're moving in together and will you know live together right?"

"mom. leave." 

she glared at me and walked out and drove away.

"what was that about?" selena said.

"nothing. she's just hormonal that's all." selena chuckled and shook her head.

"okay. let's go get my stuff yeah?" she said and grabbed the keys.

i chuckled and nodded, "sure. let's go." 


after we moved selena's stuff in. most of it actually.

it took a few hours and now we are going out to dinner with ezra and mom.

selena said that she wanted to so i agreed. of course.

i can already see this disaster going downhill.

"hey guys! there's the happy couple! to live on forever!" mom said and smiled, raising her glass of water since she can't drink because of the pregnancy.

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