Chapter 44

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selena pov

i just sat there.

everyone was gone and i am just sitting in the church where kendall said she couldn't marry sam because of me.

"you okay?" miley came over and sat down next to me.

i scoffed, "what do you care? last time i checked you hated me."

she sighed and sat down, "doesn't mean i can't care about you. and i don't hate you selena. i hate that we split apart. we were great friends together and now we're not but i wish we were. now what's wrong?"

i sighed, "i ruined sam's wedding's all my fault. sam doesn't even love me anymore and yet i still managed to fuck it all up. now sam must hate me." i said and started crying.

miley hugged me, "i don't believe that. sam could never hate you selena. it's not your fault. sam shouldn't have written that song. but she doesn't hate you sel. you should talk to her. she needs comfort right now." i nodded.

"i don't know when the right time to talk to her is though..."

she smiled, "well. now's your chance." she looked behind me and i turned around and saw sam sitting on the steps outside the church.

"thanks miles." i said.

she smiled and hugged me.

i stood up and walked over to her.

i sat down next to her and she was looking at a picture of her dad in her locket necklace.

it was silent for a while until sam said, "two...failed marriages...i have two failed marriages...what does that make me? is there something wrong with me? is it revenge from god because i wasn't the perfect child? what did i do to deserve this?!" sam cried and looked at me.

i sighed and rubbed her arm, "sam it's not your fault. i don't know why kendall would just...leave like that."

"i love her...she thinks i don't but i do...i want kendall selena. i want her to be my wife."

yes that definitely hurt but i have to support sam right now and comfort her.

"then tell her that sam. if she is the one for you then you need to tell her that."

sam smiled and nodded, "you're right. thank you selena. i need to go get the girl i love back." she said and ran to her car and sped away.

i sighed and picked up a flower.

i felt something on my finger.

i looked at it and smiled.

it's the promise ring sam gave me.

it engraves the infinity sign into my finger.

"you did a good thing selena." taylor said and sat next to me.

i nodded, "yeah...she deserves to be happy. and as much as it kills me. sam loves kendall."

"i'm sure sam appreciates that selena. just...i know that you still love her so i just want you to be careful. she's in pain right now selena and she might lash out. just please be careful." i nodded, "i will. thanks tay." she nodded and stood up, "i'll drive you home kay?" i nodded and we got into her car and drove home to her house.

sam pov

i ran into mine and kendall's house.

"kendall?! kendall!" i shouted.

i walked into our room and stopped.

kendall was on our bed and her dress was folded up.

"hey." i said.

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