Chapter 51

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sam pov

"t-twins?" i stuttered and grinned.

"yep. there are two heartbeats and here. are your two children."

we looked at them and i felt my heart flutter.

"would you two both like a copy?"

i looked at selena, "um we'll take 5." i said.

"5?" selena asked.

"yeah one for me, mom and ezra share, and your parents."

she knitted her eyebrows, "what about the extra one? that's only four."

for my birth mother...

"just in case." i said and smiled.

she chuckled and rolled her eyes, "you're wacked you know that?"

i smiled and shrugged, "yeah."

"alright. here you can wipe that off and i will print out your ultrasounds!" lauren said and walked out.

i turned to selena, "we're having twins babe. me and you.a family." i whispered as tears dripped.

she smiled, "i know baby."

i wiped the gel off her belly and kissed her stomach.

"god i love you." i whispered against her skin.

i looked up and she was smiling.

i took out my phone and took a picture of me kissing selena's stomach.

i uploaded it with the caption,

make that 2 new swift additions :) #twins #soexcited @selenagomez

my feed blew up instantly and i smiled.

@sophiabush: AHHH! no way! congrats sam and sel!

@theellenshow: wow! and even bigger nuisance? 2 more swifts?! what has this world come to?!

@shaym: amazing! <3

@justinbieber: oh first it was only one mini sam! now you're telling me there'll be two?! what is wrong with the world?!

@mileycyrus: yayyy! 2 in 1! congrats you guys! love y'all<3

@demilovato: well at least we know for a fact they'll have one mom. the other might sleep with someone else.

my mouth dropped at that.

wow...demi's still mad at me?

@selenagomez: my three favorite people <3 in love. should i change my username to swift? XD #mybabies

i smiled at selena.

lauren came in and handed them to us.

"thank you." selena said.

we stood up and walked out.

mom ran over, "TWINS?! you guys are having twins?!"

we smiled, "yeah. we are." i said and smiled.

"ah! congratulations!" she hugged us tightly.

"i am so proud of you two!"

i smiled, "yeah mom. you're gonna be a grandmother." i said and chuckled.

"no! i'm not old enough!" we laughed at her, "here." selena handed her the sonogram.

she put her hand over her mouth, "they're beautiful you guys."

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