Chapter 67

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taylor pov

today is october 3, 2021.

sam and i are close again. all is forgiven...kind of.

i still hate terry and i know she doesn't love sam.

i walked by the kids' room.

i stopped when i saw terry talking to them.

she had a haunting smirk spread on her face.

and sam left selena and i with terry.

selena is in the main room downstairs.

i said i would check on the twins. 

and of course terry is here.

"i will do whatever it takes to ruin sam's life. she chose that blonde pop star bitch over me. she threw me in jail. i will ruin her life. she will regret ever living with taylor." she said.

"i knew you were playing her. this isn't about me. it's about sam." i said and walked into the room.

she chuckled, "well don't get me wrong you are a huge reason samantha left me. you took her."

"she chose me." i grimaced at her.

"exactly." she replied.

she reached down to alison but i smacked her hand, "keep your hands off of my granddaughter." i spit at her.

she glared at me and punched me.

i grunted and stumbled backwards.

"i will finally get my way. don't tell me what to do bitch." terry said and punched me again, sending me reeling.

i fell to the ground and terry kicked my stomach.

i cried out in pain and she took a cloth out of her bag.

"what are you doing?" i whispered hoarsely.

she smirked and i noticed it was wet with something.

she forced the cloth to my mouth and suffocated me as i breathed in the fumes in whatever is on this cloth.

i felt myself drift and drift until my eyes were shut.

"sweet dreams." was the last thing i heard before i fell completely unconscious.

selena pov

i heard a grunt come from upstairs.

"taylor?" i said.

shit terry is up there. i forgot!

i dropped my magazine and ran up the stairs.

i saw terry dragging taylor out of the room.


she looked at me and smirked.

i ran at her but she shoved me off, sending me backwards and to the ground, my head hitting the metal small table in the hall.

my eyes went black.


taylor pov

i groaned as i woke up.

i opened my eyes and saw selena across the room.

she wasn't awake yet and i noticed dried blood on her neck.

did she hit her head?

did terry hurt her?!

"selena." i said and tried to get up.

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