Chapter 70

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taylor pov

"how are you feeling?" selena asked me.

"i don't know. ask the knife in my stomach." i said as sweat poured down my face.

"can you make it?" selena asked.

i was about to answer but the door opened again.

"'re still alive?" terry said.

"terry please. just take the knife out." i panted.

"okay." she said and came over.

she yanked the knife out and i screamed.

"there we go. all better." she said and shoved her hand into my wound.

i screamed out loudly as her fingers dug into my gash.

she pulled her hand out and looked at my blood on her hand.

"hmm. O positive. wow." she said and licked it.

i gagged and tried looking away, "you're sick." i said.

she laughed and wiped my blood on my clothes.

"no. we all go a little mad sometimes." she said and smirked.

"Norman Bates, Psycho." she said and smiled.

i crinkled my face in disgust and looked away.

i blinked as my vision hazed.

"oh is someone get woozy?" terry asked.

"let's speed up the process don't worry sweetie. i can be kind." she said and put her knee to my wound.

I squeaked in pain and shut my eyes tightly.

"TERRY STOP! PLEASE!" selena screamed.

taylor stay awake.

god stay awake for sam.

for ezra.

amanda and jeremy.

the fans! the twins!

god sam. i can't leave her.

"come on taylor. let go. just let go." terry said.

i whimpered and blinked hard, fighting closing my eyes fully.

"still not letting go i see." she said.

she took her knife out, "no...n-no please." i whispered, barely holding on.

she chuckled, "nighty night." she whispered and shoved the knife into my stomach.

i didn't even scream.

my eyes just fluttered shut until i couldn't control opening them again...

selena pov

"TAYLOR NO! TAYLOR!" i screamed.

i shook in my chair, ignoring the pains in my body from getting stabbed and my arm cut.


i was shocked i just called her mom but she is my mother-in-law.

"TAYLOR! WAKE UP!" i screamed.

terry came over and leaned above me, "mommy is out. soon you will be too." she said and she grabbed a bat, slamming my head with it.

my vision blacked out.

sam pov

"this is it." i said as i pulled over.

"well it's about 6 o'clock. let's get this over with." i said and got out of the car.

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