Chapter 85

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sam pov

mom and i have been on the RED tour for a while.

about 9 days.

we are in charlotte,north carolina and selena is coming up in a few weeks.

we decided it'd be best if she stayed home.

i want time with my mom and even ezra is staying with my brother and sister at home.

"hey what are you doing?" mom asked in our hotel room, coming over to sit next to me.

i sighed, "just writing some ideas." i said and smiled.

"oooh. can i see?"

i smiled, "sure." i handed it to her and she read some of it, "She says she met me on the tour

She keeps knocking on my door,

She won't leave me, leave me alone

This girl, she wouldn't stop,

Almost had to call the cops

She was scheming, ooh, she was wrong

'Cause she wanted all my attention

And she was dragging my name through the dirt, no

She was dying for my affection

But she got mad 'cause I didn't give it to her

I'm talking to you."

i hummed it and she smiled, "sam this is really good. is it...mariah?"

"yeah but...i can get sued for saying her name so i am using maria instead. i'm done with that song. the chorus is one there. everything is. i was just composing it now." i said.

"let me hear." she said.

i nodded and went to my laptop and played the music i composed for the song.

i started singing it and mom smiled the whole time.

"sam that's awesome! you made this all by yourself?"

i smiled, "yep. all me."

mom smiled and hugged me, "that's amazing sammy. are you performing it tonight?"

i shook my head, "no. i think i am going to do it at the VMA's this year." i said and smiled.

"i love it sam. it's brave and has an awesome feel to it." mom said.

i smiled, "thanks. so i'm kind of starving. can we order room service?" i asked.

mom laughed, "sure. mini burgers?"

i smiled, "yes!"

she ordered it and i took my laptop out.

"mom! we're doing a ustream." i said.

"what's that?"

"it's where we are on video and people watch us, live and send in questions."

"oh cool!" she jumped on the bed and i laughed.

i logged in and went on my phone.

ustream with taylorswift and i! username: samswift. send in your questions ;P

i smiled and looked at it, "woah." i said as questions piled in.

"it's so fast!" mom said and laughed.

"aghhh!" i said and laughed.

"oh! okay. swiftiegirl1213 says...why did you guys decide to do this?"

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