Chapter 79

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sam pov

"sam swift, allegedly got a young woman, named by mariah yeater pregnant."

"sam swift, rumored she mothered a child."

"new baby mama, sam swift, making her rounds."

"sam swift, naked hawaii make out, human assault, mothering a child. what's next?"

"AHHH! FUCK!" i screamed and shut the tv off.

"sam relax. we have to get ready for new years." mom said.

i sighed and put on my TOM BOY black pinny with sagging black ripped jeans and black tight girl boxers.

and of course my black supras with gold accents.

"let's go sexy." i said to selena who is in an elegant white dress.

we bundled up the kids since it's freezing here.

we are in my mom's new york place.

ezra is in a suit and mom is in a pretty crop top.

black and long black pants.

"let's go then." i said and we got into the black car, paparazzi of course yelling crap.


ariana just got off the stage and i smiled, "hey ar. great set." i said and hugged her.

"oh my god! sam hey!" she hugged me.

"i haven't seen you in so long how have you been?"

"great yeah."

"and the rumors?" she asked knowingly.

"annoying as fuck." i said and we laughed.

"sam! ariana! can i get a picture?" a guy said.

"yeah sure man. come here." we put him inbetween us and we both kissed his cheek.

he was like 17 maybe.

"happy new years." we said and waved.

"and now selena gomez!" ryan seacrest said.

ariana and i walked up and watched.

selena is in a tight skin, glittering blue and purple romper thing with a bindi.

she sang come and get it first.

then the lights went out everywhere and the big screen lit up, showing selena walking to a phone.

she picked it up and my voice echoed the streets.

"Hey babe it's me, I just wanted to call to tell you that

I love you so so so so much,

Just wanted to let you know that you are my princess,

You are worthy of all of the love in the world,

You are the love of my life."

everyone "awed" and looked at me.

i sighed and blushed.

i love this song. 

but i know that when she sings it she cries.

she walked out and gripped the mic,

"Now's all we got,

And time can't be bought,

I know it inside my heart

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