Chapter 73

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december 2nd

(special chapter ;D)

sam pov

"so selena is awake correct?" ellen asked.

i smiled, "yes yes she is." i said and everyone cheered.

"how long has it been?"

"uh a few weeks she's been awake...about a month. now it's my mom's turn to wake up huh?" i said and chuckled the most real i could.

"yeah how are you holding up with that?"

"um. it's been rough. you know. she's my mom and i love her to death. literally. i just really want her to wake up." i said.

"and today is your 25th birthday correct?" ellen said.

"yeah. it is. i am 25. and it's awesome so far." i said and pumped my fists in the air.

"and your babies are talking i heard!"

"yeah! yeah the twins are talking every chance they get. they say mama and mommy now which warms your heart everytime you hear it. it's adorable really."

"yeah and we have a video of it right here." ellen said and we turned to the large screen.

"ali! brant! who's that? who's that huh?" selena said and pointed to me.

they squealed and squirmed, "MAMA!" they both sang.

the video ended and everyone "awed".

"awwwww." i mocked.

they laughed and ellen spoke, "so, since you're 25 now. i got you a little present for your birthday."

they brought out a cardboard cut out of justin and i laughed at it.

"great! a new dart board! thanks ellen!" everyone laughed and she said, "that's not all. HIT IT!"

"Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah oh

Ah ah ah ah

i turned around and justin walked out, a mic in his hand.

i laughed and he wrapped his arm around my neck and sang to me one of his really old songs.

I always knew you were the best

The coolest girl I know

So prettier than all the rest

The star of my show

So many times I wished

You'd be the one for me

But never knew you'd get like this

Girl what you do to me

he put his hand to his chest and i chuckled and shoved him away.


You're who I'm thinking of

Girl you ain't my runner up

And no matter what you're always number one

My prize possession

One and only

Adore ya girl I want ya

The one I can't live without

That's you that's you 

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