Chapter 6

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sam pov

"my dad wasn't killed in the mom killed him..."

mom looked at me in shock.

"sam are you okay?"

i choked back my tears, "let's just go to the cemetary and just get this over with." i said and put the gun in my bag quickly and took the pictures and camera and walked out.

i kicked the kitchen cabinet, causing all of the plates to crash down.

mom flinched and she kept her distance from me.

"FUCK!" i screamed and punched a hole in the wall.

i walked out of the house, holding my dad's box in my hands.

i threw it in the trunk and sat in my seat.

mom got in quietly and started the car without a word.

i was more than angry. i was fuming. my fucking mother killed my dad. and nobody ever told me. this just shows that i can't trust anyone...


we pulled up to the old cemetary and mom stopped the car.

"sam. are you okay?"

i took a deep breath and looked at the headstone from the window.

i nodded, "i'm fine."

i opened the door and walked over to the grave.

i read it.

john michael davis


loving father and husband

"love is eternal"

i traced my fingers over the grave

"hey dad. i know i haven't visited at all and i'm sorry. i just could never bring myself to it because honestly...i knew that if i came here i would have to face the fact that you're dead. you're gone and you are never coming back. and to know that this whole killed you. i hate her. i hate her for what she did to  you. i trusted her back then. and look how it turned out. she ruined me. this is why i have problems. trust problems. because i know that every person i trust ends up leaving me. and i don't like being disappointed like i was when you died, mom left and the rest of our family died out. i am the only one left besides mom who is in jail. thanks to my recent discovery, i know my mistake. i need to not show any trust. i can't trust anybody anymore. so thanks. i can finally see clearly." i stood up and saw mom.

"are you okay?"

"would you stop asking if i'm fucking okay?! i'm fine taylor!" i shouted at her.

she flinched, scared.

she observed me, "sammy no."

taylor pov

"sammy no." 

she stared at me with anger and fire in her eyes.

"sammy stop it. i know you. do not put your walls up again pleaase. sam." i begged her.

tears dripped from her eyes.

i gripped her shoulders, "SAM! please don't do this!"

"i can't trust anyone. people always leave taylor. i'm done with my life being filled with disappointment. i'll start crying...and i'm afraid that i might not ever be able to stop." she whispered.

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