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Chapter 9

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2 years later

sam pov

"sam! wake up! you said you'd take mandi to pre school!" mom's voice boomed through my ears.

i groaned and stood up, "coming mom!"

i threw on my gold supras, black jacket and black jeans.

i put on my black and gold obey snapback and sunglasses.

i grabbed my keys and ran downstairs.

"hey mands. ready to go?" mandi smiled, "yeah!"

i laughed, "okay. see you mom. love you." i said and leaned over her 7 month pregnant belly and kissed her cheek.

yep. again. she said it's a boy. 

we are all excited.

"sissy come on!" mandi tugged my pant leg and i laughed, "i'm coming i'm coming."

we walked out and i drove her to her pre-school.

"bye mands! mom or i will pick you up later okay? or daddy."

"okay!" she said before she ran out towards the building and greeted her friends.

i smiled and drove away.

my phone then rang.


i smiled and hit the bluetooth button.

"hey beautiful."

"hey you." she said.

i smiled, "what are you up to?"

"ummm. just sitting on my boring bed without my girlfriend that has been with her mom for the past 3 days."

"i know love. i'm sorry. her hormones have been raging recently and since ezra is trying to get that professor position at  my school i have been taking care of mandi and mom."

"okay. it's fine babe. are you free now?"

"i would be if i didn't have the interview for my new movie."

"right. the hunger games. i forgot you were in that movie."

(pretend that it didn't come out yet lol. and sam is katniss.)

"yeah. josh, liam and i have an interview together."


"if you need anything just call k? i love you."

"i love you too."

"bye sel."


i hung up and continued driving.


"sam, liam, josh. thanks for joining us today. how have you guys been?" ellen asked.

"pretty good ellen. thanks." i said.

josh and liam laughed.

"what's so funny?" i said.

"nothing. nothing. 'pretty good ellen. thanks.'" josh mocked.

"ha ha." i replied sarcastically.

"seems like you 3 have a nice bond. what's it like on the set? behind the cameras?"

we looked at eachother knowingly and started cracking up, "well. it's not business formal let's just say that." liam said in his accent.

"how so?" ellen asked, amused.

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