Chapter 26

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1 week later

taylor pov

i need her.

i need sam.

this stupid person keeps sending me pictures and threats.

the last text was about a minute ago when the person said they have a present.


i got another message.

for being so good this week...

there was an attachment.

i opened it and there was a video.

i hit play.

"wakey wakey sammy."

wait. i know that voice.

"fuck you." sam mumbled.

"i have a present for you." the woman said.

that voice! i know it!

"fuck you terry." sam said and looked up.

i gasped.

her eye is black and swollen, her face is cut up and bloody and puffy.



"HEY! what did i say about your language?!" she screamed and slapped sam.

"STOP!" i screamed at my phone. even though they couldn't hear me.

sam cried out weakly.

hot liquid started cascading down my cheeks.

"guess who this is going to?" terry said.

"who?" sam asked.

"your precious bitch of a mother."

sam shot her head up, "turn it off." she said.

"why should i?"

"i don't want her seeing me like this now shut it off."

"hmmm. no thanks. i think i'll keep it going."

"MOM STOP WATCHING! PLEASE!" sam screamed out.

"SHUT UP!" terry screamed and stabbed her stomach with a kitchen knife.

i screamed out. so did sam.

i looked at my phone and sam was bleeding.

"taylor wanna see what your daughter looks like under her shirt?"

i put my hand over my mouth.

"stop it terry. she doesn't deserve this please." sam murmered feebly.

"oh but she does sweetie." she said and lifted sam's shirt up and sam groaned in pain.

i cried as i looked at her blood coated stomach.

there were scars and wounds blanketing her stomach.

i ran to the bathroom and put my phone down and threw up in the toilet.

"you like that taylor? i'll tell you what. if you want to save sam. come to 443 old meadow road in riverside. come alone or else sammy dies." she said and smirked.

sam screamed out, "MOM NO DON'T DO IT! IT'S A TR-"

the video ended before sam could finish.

i ran to my room and went into my closet.

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