Chapter 27

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taylor pov

a loud bang of a gun went off and selena and i ducked.

i opened my eyes and looked around.

i felt something wet drip down from my arm.

i looked at my arm and saw a hole in my jacket and blood seeping out like goo.

"oh my god. taylor!" selena gasped.

i touched it and gasped in pain.

"note to self. don't touch it. let's carry sam out so it's easier to get her in the ambulance." i said and we stood up.

selena tried picking sam up but failed.

i looked in a closet and saw a wheelchair...creepy. bud oddly perfect.

we put sam in it and wheeled her to the front when we heard sirens wailing.

i finally took this time to relax.

i sat down and held sam's hand gently.

my eyes fluttered, "tay no. stay awake okay? we'll get to a hospital." selena said and tried to keep me from falling asleep.

an ambulance pulled up and put sam on a stretcher.

selena and i got in the ambulance and there was another one for terry.

they treated me and sam in the ambulance except i was awake...

they took the bullet out and stitched it, then wrapped it.

"take it easy for a few days okay?"

i nodded and we pulled up to the hospital.

we ran inside and they wouldn't let us past the doors to the OR.

we sat down and the doors bursted open.

terry was being wheeled down, cops on both sides of her.

i sighed and my legs shook.

i looked over at selena who was shaking all over her body, hugging herself and silently crying.

"sel?" i asked quietly.

she jumped and looked at me, "i can't lose her. not again taylor."

i nodded and pulled her into me and hugged her.

"she'll be okay. this is sam we're talking about. she's strong." i said.

she sniffed, "that's what we said last time..." she whispered.

i sighed, "i know...but this is different. sam didn't die. and she won't okay?"

selena faintly nodded and i kissed her head and we sat in silence as i only thought about my beautiful daughter who was kidnapped and tortured for weeks...almost 2 months.

she had so many bruises on her head and cuts on her stomach...

my poor baby girl.

for the love of god save my baby girl.

sam pov

i opened my eyes.

okay ow. that's fucking bright.

i squinted my eyes and sat up.

fuck another hospital?

i sighed and stood up.

i walked out of the room and walked down the hall carefully.

i went to the waiting room and saw selena in a chair, crying her eyes out.

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